Tuesday, March 29

Reminds Me of Summer

Gingham & Grey Top - Old Navy, Lace Top - Calvin Klein, Skirt - H&M, Belt - BCBG, Tights & Cupcake Necklace - Forever21, Shoes - Target

I really like living in Michigan, we have the Great Lakes, Up North, Mackinac Island and the entire Upper Peninsula, but we also have long, bitter cold winters.  It's warming up a bit here, but we're still not at tight-less weather.  Sometimes I just need a reminder that sun filled summer day do exist, enter Bahama Breeze.  Bahama Breeze has become my new favorite.  Walking in transports me right to Florida (sans the 20 hour drive) and they have some of the best fried chicken I've ever had.  Not to mention those delicious Pina Coladas, maybe a little too delicious.  I finished my chicken left overs tonight, still delicious.  I'm going to have to find that recipe.  And then hand it off to the boyfriend.

Sunday, March 27

That 70's Blog

Top - Target, Sweater - Old Navy, Jeans - Gap

So I heard it's like a blogger rule to own these jeans.  That's why I bought them.  It's more like paying a bill then shopping.  I also think it's a rule to have a Canon Rebel, so I better go out and buy one of those as well.  And maybe that new pair of heels I have been eying.  The bills just never stop coming.

Saturday, March 26

Still Pouting

Sweater - Urban Behavior, Jeans - American Eagle, Belt - Forever21, Shoes - Toms

My hair and I still are not on speaking terms.  It refuses to grow over night and to darken on it's own no matter how much I whine or pout.  I feel I deserve a treat to lift my spirits after this bad hair week...and few more weeks to come until my next appointment.  Maybe that gorgeous apartment we looked at today.  The one with it's own washer and drier and a walk in closet big enough for my shoes to throw a party in.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.  Glad you agree.

*My boyfriend would like to edit that I am in fact on speaking terms with my hair.  It's my mouth I'm mad at.  He catches everything.  He caught me.

Thursday, March 24

Bite Your Tongue

Blazer - Anne Klein, Tank - Target, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Aldo

I got my hair done this week.  It did not turn out as expected, I am to blame.  Have you ever had your mouth talk without your brain agreeing?  Like your brain had been thinking something all week (darker brown, no bangs, ABSOLUTELY NO BANGS) but then your eyes see a light brown shade and your mouth just blurts out "I think I want that color."  And then mid hair cut your mouth somehow thinks it's appropriate to say "you know what, just cut my bangs straight across."  I am seriously not talking to my mouth anymore.  She is grounded from all things fun, like eating dessert and belting out tunes in the car.  Oops, I already gave in on both.  Ice-cream and the radio are just too good to resist.

Thursday, March 17


Cardigan - Old Navy, Skirt & Necklace - American Eagle (it's actually a dress!), Belt - thrifted, Tights - The Limited, Heels - Mia, Sunglasses - H&M

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  Don't pinch me, I wore green today.  This is just what I wore yesterday.  I am very excited that I figured out how to wear this dress as a skirt.  I love the pattern but it's impractical to wear a strapless dress year round.  Not anymore.

Wednesday, March 16

Movie Night

Cardigan & Top - Old Navy, Skirt - H&M, Tights - Forever21, Flats - Gap, Umbrella - Target

It's movie night tonight, so I'm short on words.  Have you seen Wild Target?  No?  Well, you should.  It's got action, adventure, comedy, cute clothes and a hot boy.  All the must-haves.  Really all a movie has to have for me to like it is cute clothes and a hot boy.  Oh and some fun music and the ability to play over and over and over again in my DVD player.  When I like a movie, I like a movie.  

Tuesday, March 15

Sleeping In

Blazer & Skirt - H&M, Top - American Eagle, Belt - Forever21, Tights & Boots - Target

When I got to work, I looked down at my outfit and thought, did I even look in a mirror this morning.  Who knows, my mornings go by in a rush.  That's what happens when you spend every last possible minute (+15 more) snuggled up in bed.  You know that conversation you have with yourself, where the sleepy you convinces rational you that you in fact can shower, make your lunch and get ready in 20 minutes no problem.  Rational me never learns, in fact I don't think she evens bothers waking up for the convo anymore.  She picks her battles, that's how you keep a healthy relationship, even if it is with yourself.

Oh and can you believe I got these boots for $8!  Actually I only paid $3, because my mom is awesome and gave me a $5 gift card.  Isn't Target the best.  Moms aren't too shabby either.

Saturday, March 12

You Rugrat

Cardigan & Pants - Old Navy, Top & Belt - Forever21, Shoes - Target

Today my mom and I went to tea.  We filled ourselves with crustless sandwiches and scones covered in lemon curd and Devonshire cream.  It was delish.  I wore the tea-est outfit I could find.  Do you not see the tea in this outfit.  I thought about spilling a little to make it more clear, but I didn't want to ruin my new pink pants.  Yep, they are pink not white.  The pictures are a little misleading.  Believe me not the pictures, because I don't lie very much.  Stretching the truth isn't lieing, my grandma taught me that.  She also taught me some harsh language, like "rugrats."  That's right the rudest word my g-ma could come up with was rugrats.  Watch out we'll make you cry.


It's kinda like having a fairytale on your finger.  A little bit of whimsy to get you through the day.  Or a little pet who has a way cooler outfit than a sweater.

Sunday, March 6

Dreaming of Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Dress - American Eagle, Shirt - Old Navy, Belt & Necklace - Urban Outfitters, Tights & Hat - Forever21, Shoes - Mia

Warm weather could not come any sooner.  I am getting sick of all the snow and ice and the bitter cold mornings when it feels like my fingers may just break off while scraping my windows.  Also, I am getting tired of my winter clothes.  I want my floaty summer dresses and tailored shorts back.  Until that day, it's not coming soon according to the weather report, I will just have to wear my summer clothes anyways.  With some layers of course, so I don't turn blue.  That would not be cute.  I mean I love blue hues but I prefer my skin to be a pale, cream shade.  That pasty skin is by choice ladies and gentlemen and it was not influenced by Twilight.  Although that may make me slightly cooler in some crowds.  If you're a Jersey Shore fan though, I've got nothing for you.  Except for my hair gel collection, I've got a mean hair gel collection.

Thursday, March 3

Mastering the Force

Maybe I can get this picture made into wallpaper, I'd never need a mirror then, because chances are I'd look like one of those girls.  My favorites were 9, 13, 20, 23 & 25.  Oh and maybe 30.  So, what did I learn?  I learned that new clothes do not make the world go round.  Even if I do not buy a new outfit for that one "special" occasion, life will still go on, and bonus I can still look cute.  I like every other girl say on a normal basis "I have nothing to wear" and of course this could not be less true.  I have closets, dressers and floor space (I'm a mess) drowning in clothes and yet I still make frequent trips to the mall to buy more.  No creative thought was going into my outfits and I was becoming dependent on stores to get me my fix.  I was becoming an expert on buying useless crap that added no substance to my wardrobe.    Now, I haven't mastered the styling force (I'm no Yoda) but I did pick up a few handy tips:

1. Planning is key.  Wasting 15 precious morning minutes standing in front of your closet dumb-struck is a thing of the past.  Either write down or set aside the meat and potato items for the week and then just leave the gravy for the morning.  In English, have the tops, bottoms and shoes decided beforehand and throw on the accessories that day.  

2. Accessories are the quarterback of the outfit.  I know zip about football, but even I know that dude's important.  Accessories change everything.  They turn dull and drab into pretty and fab.  

3. Take note of the pieces you tend to gravitate towards and buy more.  Stop buying stuff that doesn't work and buy the stuff that does.  I am a champ at not buying the thing I really love because it's too expensive but then buying a bunch of other junk that ends up being the same price as the one beloved item.  This behavior makes no sense!  Buy what you love and ignore the rest.  Stick to your budget though ladies, this doesn't mean treat yourself to those Louboutins.

4. One person's junk is another's treasure.  Before recently I would not set foot into a thrift store.  Now, I could spend all day hunting.  Sure there is a lot of junk and it smells funny, but there are treats to be found at insanely cheap prices.

5. Be yourself.  Wear what you like.  Even if it's different, this is the only way you can feel truly confident and happy.

*I think I snuck into my boyfriend's head while writing this post.  Yoda and quarterbacks, who am I kidding?

Wednesday, March 2


Cardigan & Skirt - Old Navy, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - H&M, Tights - mom's, Shoes - Mia

I'm done ******!  Insert your own word there, keep it clean though folks, this is a family site.  I am so proud of myself, as cheesy as that sounds.  Working with only a small portion of your closet really shows you how much you already have and how much more you can do with those items.  I feel empowered, almost super hero like.  Wardrobe you will no longer overwhelm me (lie) or cost me valuable time in the morning (another lie).  Okay, okay maybe I'm not perfect at getting dressed now, but I did learn some valuable secrets.  Wanna hear em'?  Well you will just have to wait for my recap.  What a tease.

Tuesday, March 1

When Life Gives You Lemons

Top & Skirt - H&M, Tights - Target, Necklace - American Eagle, Shoes - Aldo

Two days ago if you would have asked me my thoughts on the 30 for 30 challenge I would have responded, easy peasy lemon squeezy.  These past few days those lemons have been pretty hard to squeeze.  I am ready to wear a different outfit.  I have no idea how I will come up with an outfit tomorrow, I have about 10 outfits written down but hate them all.  Maybe I could go naked.  Or better yet I could just wear my pjs tomorrow and mope a bit more.  But alas, neither of these options will get me my 30th outfit.  So stay tuned.

I'm Switzerland

Cardigan & Top - Old Navy, Skirt - H&M, Tights - The Limited, Heels - Mia

I am calling this the *Switzerland of outfits.  Neutral colors with a red lip.  Do you get it?  No?  Yea I know it's a stretch, but it made me laugh (maybe a little too much).  See what it's like in my head, big jumbles of randomness that make no sense.  And I may have already worn this outfit.  But lets pretend that I didn't show you that last picture.  In fact, why don't we just pretend that I never wrote this post and you never read it.  Sounds like a deal.

*Neutral like Switzerland and red lips like their flag.  See...now you like it.