Sunday, April 22


Blazer - H&M, Dress - Forever 21, Flats & Headband - Target, Clutch - thrifted, Watch - Francesca's

The only watch I have ever worn consistently was a Hello Kitty watch a few years back, so buying this gold watch was a bit of an in the moment purchase.  Weirdly enough I have worn it almost everyday since I bought it yet I still fish for my phone in my purse or ask a friend for the time whenever I am wondering.  So it isn't really functioning, but it sure does look cute.  Maybe one day I will realize its true purpose.  Until then I will just wear it as a chunky, gold bracelet.

Saturday, April 14


- target run
- shower flowers
- zzzzz
- early morning easter doughnut
- robot pup
- new toy
- lamb cake
- i win
- little bug at his cutest

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Wednesday, April 11


Top - American Eagle, Skirt & Sunglasses - H&M, Tights - The Limited, Boots - Ruche, Necklaces - Forever21, Purse - vintage

It was crazy windy like watch out you might see my undies, I look like Cousin Itt windy.  Hopefully the wind gets it right next time.  I'm looking for a pretty wave in my skirt, not for my skirt to go flying up over my head.  I'll give you one more chance wind.

Sunday, April 8

Hoppy Easter

Fender celebrated his first Easter today.  He woke up bright and early as usual and then got to wait impatiently until we finally got up.  He put that schnauzer of his to good use this morning and sniffed out the living room until he found all of his treats.  Needless to say I think he is a big fan of holidays.

Don't pretend like you don't talk for your pets too!  We can't be the only ones!

Saturday, April 7

Barbie Toes

Blazer & Top - Rococo (local boutique), Jeans - American Eagle, Flats - Target, Ring - vintage

These shoes give me total barbie doll foot.  I didn't notice til my mom pointed out that it looked like I was bare foot with no toes, and now it is all I can see in these pictures.  I kinda like it though.  It's like I evolved past toes and just have flippers.  But of course there is a huge downside to no pedicures.  And I do not want to live without pedicures.

Tuesday, April 3

Meet Scott

He dresses shnazy and watches New Girl with me.  Fiances don't come better.

* After he see this he most surely will not be thinking the same about me.

Monday, April 2

Rosey Toes

Blazer & Necklace - H&M, Dress - Francesca's, Shoes - Ruche, Tights - Old Navy

These shoes make me so happy!  They're so girly and fun and in my mind go with everything.  I told myself I wasn't going to buy them because we are suppose to be saving up for a wedding, but I mean that's over a year away and these boots would only be available for so long.  And I'll start saving after this purchase or at least until some new flowered boots come along.  I'm only human, I have weaknesses.

Sunday, April 1


- blogging buddy
- spring time
- BFFs
- bacon chocolate chip pancakes...yumm.
- roses on my feet
- my guys
- taco plates
- love
- date night
- shower

Not too Shabby

My first pie is complete!  I knew I wanted to make an apple pie for Once Upon a Time on Sunday (yes, I know I am a dork) and I knew I wanted it to be a Paula Deen recipe.  I followed this recipe and it turned out delish!  Luckily, I only had one minor set back, but Scott was there to bandage me up.  He is such the gentleman.  He also ate two pieces of pie along with the promise of eating another one for breakfast.  Not too shabby.