Tuesday, May 31


Sweater - Francesca's, Dress - Papaya, Shoes - Converse, Belt - H&M

I finally got around to watching The Romantics this weekend.  It has been on the netflix queue for sometime now, but just finally made it's way up to the very fickle number one spot.  I have such a hard time picking out which movie I want first.  I know I will get to all of them, but I just feel such pressure.  The same goes for watch instantly.  There are so many things that I want to watch, that I had no clue I ever wanted to watch.  Yet with so many choices I get confused and end up just tossing in Harry Potter instead of watching one of the numerous, new choices.  But still even with my terrible decision making skills, I still think netflix is the best thing since cupcakes.  I was never too impressed with sliced bread.

*I highly recommend The Romantics soundtrack, the movie... not so much.

Monday, May 30

My Feet are on Vacation

Dress - Francesca's, Wedges - Target

So I was going to tell you all about how I did negative laundry this weekend.  Yes, you read that right.  I would have been better off to have just avoid walking into the laundry room all together.  But instead I went in and just made a mess. Lesson learned avoid laundry at all costs.  Luckily that isn't much of a stretch for me.  This isn't my story for you though, don't worry I promise to keep it calm after that super exciting laundry debacle.  So here I am just sitting on the couch watching TV when Scott comes and sits down with a delicious plate of food.  Of course I instantly get jealous and start eating it all and asking for seconds, I mean how rude to not bring enough to share.  After his second run to the kitchen for my second helping of blondies, he leans over, tickles my feet and states "yup they still work."  I though it was so cute and funny that I almost got my butt up and got my own.  Almost.  I opted for begging and pouting instead.

Friday, May 27


Dress - H&M, Sweater - Old Navy - Belt - American Eagle, Tights - Forever 21, Shoes - Aldo

It's movie night, and we gotta catch up with The Hangover so we are ready to see part 2 this weekend.  The first one is one of my favorite movies so I am going into this thinking that the sequel won't be as good. I don't want to get my hopes up, ya know?   Just so you know, I am fibbing.  I am going into this thinking it will be cry worthy funny, even funnier than the first.  I'm just trying to trick you, so in turn I trick myself.  It's some kind of reverse psychology thing...I'm not very good at it.

Wednesday, May 25

Rainy Days

It's rainy here.  Like streets have become rivers and the skies are a constant shade of grey kind of rain.  I could possibly look at this as nice and relaxing, but work is kind of raining on my rainy day parade. Here's to hoping for a power outage at work so I can snuggle up with a good book and cup of tea and just read the day away.  I heard wishing on raindrops is almost like wishing on shooting stars, so I just may be in luck.

Saturday, May 21


Tank - Target, Jeans - American Eagle, Wedges - Mia, Belt, Flower & Bangles - H&M

Last night kind of went like this:
6ish - home from work and extremely hungry
a few minutes later - decide we are going grocery shopping (date night was last night and we are not made of money, nor do we want to maintain date night behavior for two nights in a row)
a few minutes after that - start reading some magazines and making long phone calls to the bank
20 minutes later - still reading with added hunger complaints
about 7 - decide we are finally leaving
7:30 - actually leave
7:32 - "we didn't take outfit photos"
next 15 min - drive around looking for a place, while I complain about being so hungry
soon after - find a place...i secretly hate it
a turn around later - we find a blue wall...i love it.
a 5 minute photo sesh later - we finally make our way to the store
around 10 - FOOD!

Friday, May 20

Happy Weekend!

Cardigan - Francesca's, Tank & Belt - Forever21, Jeans - Gap, Headband - Target

It was one of those mornings.  You know the kind.  Where you get out of bed only to go snooze on the couch for 20 more minutes...making you 20 minutes later than you already were.  And then you hop in the shower only to realize that you didn't have time for that.  Which means your hair is getting dried in the car courtesy of the heater on full blast.  You slip in tights with runs in them and don't notice until you've already been at work for 5 hours.  And you pack a lunchable because it is the only thing you have time for.  But, it's Friday so I'm just going to let all of that fly.  Happy Weekend!

Sunday, May 15

Lucky Town

Jacket - American Eagle, Tank - Forever21, Skirt - H&M, Sandals - Gap, Purse - Target

This purple wall just screamed out blogger to me.  It's like that is why the wall was painted the perfect, pastel shade of purple.  Just incase some blogger walked by on a warm day and thought "boy oh boy that would make for some pretty pictures."  And my town just happens to be lucky enough to have a resident style blogger.  What would they do with out me. 

Tuesday, May 10

Tea For Two

So I may not have been invited to the wedding (and I may be a week late with this) but I still celebrated.  Yes, waking up at 4 is considered celebrating to me.  Also eating cakes and cookies at this hour make the whole day a celebration, because having a sugar crash at your desk at 10 is tons of fun, and the only cure to that is eat more sugar.  My mom and I woke up early, drank tea, ate mini treats, wore tiaras and ohhed and ahhed at the pretty princess.  It was a great morning until I realized I was ready for bed and it wasn't even 8.  I guess being a princess is hard work.

Sunday, May 1

A Closet Full

Blazer, Top & Flower - H&M, Jeans - Abercrombie, Shoes - Converse

It's a good thing I bought this blazer, or else I'm pretty sure I would be walking around naked half the time. You all probably think this is the only thing I own.  That I have a closet that resembles Doug Funny's.  Hangers and hangers filled with the same outfit.  You'd be wrong, he is way tidier than I am.  Hangers require too much effort, I just throw my matching outfits on the floor.