Thursday, September 30

Fall Cleaning

It was my birthday present to myself to clean my room, slim chance that this will end up happening.  While the room may not be clutter free by midnight, it will be soon enough (fingers crossed!).  I did however clean up my blog and sort of sift through my yahoo inbox, a few steps in the right direction.  I am also hoping to add some outfit posts in the near future once I find my camera cord.  Of course when needed the cord disappears into hibernation, although I have managed to find two other camera cords (that don't fit) and an army of other useless junk that I will for sure end up needing just around the same time that they choose to go awol again.  So keep checking back and start following to know when it's all happening.

I Don't Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

Lovey Dovey Tunic, $48

Wildfox Vampire Love Tee, $78

Hippie Smile Tee, $12.80

Wildfox LA Smile Tee, $38.40

But I have no problem with wearing my smile on my chest.  I am loving smiley tees.  They are fresh and funky and just make me happy.  You can sport a full-faced smile, a flirty wink, or a fanged grin with these cheerful tops.  No longer keep your emotions bottled up, wear them proudly.

Tuesday, September 28

Put On a Pedestal

I love getting new jewelry, and since I am a complete sucker for anything cute and affordable I have acquired quite the collection of chains, bangles and danglers.  I seem to buy jewelry more than any other item, it gets you the biggest bang for your buck.  One $5 necklace could transform your jeans and tee into a cohesive outfit.  Since I hold such a deep reverence for these baubles, you  think I would show them atleast a little respect between their times of employment.  I show none.  I toss them on a dresser where they get tangled up, some even go missing for a few days in nearby piles of jewels.  This shameful behavior must stop and I have found the perfect (affordable!) solution.

1. Footed Glass Candy Dish, $10
2. Cupcake Pedestal Vanity Stand, $18
3. Glass Parlor Box, $12
4. Glass Facet Ring Dish Jewelry Stand, $8
*All available online at Urban Outfitters

Save time untangling your necklaces by hanging drawer knobs on your wall.  They are super afforadable and come in so many different designs.  Anthropologie has some that look amazing even before adorned with necklaces.  Your local hardware store would also have some, and you'd finally have a reason to willing visit Home Depot.

1. Bubbled Glass Knob, $8
2. Violette Knob, $8
3. Jewler's Knob, $6
4. Bauble Knob, $8
*All available online at Anthropologie

Monday, September 27

Beautiful Soles

"I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful SOLE"
Now these are lyrics I can relate to.  Jesse McCartney can count me as a fan if he changes up this ballad.  This shows real love, a girl and her shoes. And when it comes to shoes I love them all, no discrimination here. When I walk through the shoe department I hear them calling out my name, drawing me in, whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  I fall for them, and I fall hard.  My purchases are always affordable, my dreams however are not.  I browse Neiman Marcus' and Saks' shoe collections and make extravagant wishlishts, this is foolish behavior.  I am like a little kid in a candy shop, actually I'm like me in a candy shop.  I cannot control my feverish clicking, all my rational thought is taken hostage by Louboutins and Manolos.  It is with tremendous difficulty that I stop lusting over these walking beauties.  Here are my top ten, try not to drool.

1. Christian Louboutin Button Flannel Bootie, $995
2. Joie Tall Lace-Up Boot, $535
3. Yves Saint Laurent Asymmetric Mary Jane Platform, $920
4. Alexander McQueen Biker Jacket Zip Bootie, $1155
5. Prada Mary-Jane Sling Back Sandal, $990
6. Miu Miu Glitter Zip-Back Bootie, $675
7. Chloe Cinched Over-The-Knee Boot, $1385
8. Robert Clergerie Stretch Over-The-Knee Boot, $995
9. Miu Miu Glitter Crisscross Bootie, $595
10. Manolo Blahnik Lace-Up Cutout Boot, $1445

I am now on the look out for similar styles attached to a price tag I can manage.

Friday, September 24

Switch It Up

While going through my closet and dressers it became clearly apparent that I play favorites.  I have drawer upon drawer of tops, differing in shades, patterns and textures, and a pant collection that looks sad in comparison.  I do pride myself on having a lust worthy jean collection, but that is all, just jeans. There are a few cargos and black pants that get lost in the crowd but nothing fun.  I can detect the hostility my bottoms feel towards me and their above neighbors.  Luckily, I know just how to rectify this situation.  By mixing in pants and leggings in varying textures and patterns I can even out the score.  Pairing these new finds with simple shirts or even a complimenting pattern will update any look.  You could also try different cuts or fabrics if you're not yet sold on decorating your stems.  I am loving these floral and velvet pants, so I may need to make some extra space in my closet for some of these treats.
Coolest Girl in School Jeans, $64.99
Warehouse Bright Floral Wide Leg Trousers, $84.25
Minkpink Floral Velvet Leggings, $75.83
Blooming Corset Jumpsuit, $72

ASOS Velvet Peg Trousers, $64.03
Pa:nuu Velvet Leggings, $50.55
Sparkle & Fade Ruched Velvet Legging, $38

Wednesday, September 22

An Apple a Day

DKNY Be Delicious, $70 for 3.4oz

Being that today marks the official start of fall I have welcomed it with open arms, indulging in a celebratory sweet or two: a snitch of apple pie, apple doughnuts, pumpkin cake and I think I hear a carmel apple cider calling my name.  I also had a bowl of peppermint icecream, but that is neither here nor there.  Not only do I have an appetite for the flavors of fall I also crave the smell of fall.  I can't walk outside on a crisp, chilly day wearing my go to summer fragrance, Philosophy Amazing Grace, that would just feel wrong.  Same goes for my body wash, portable hand sanitizer, and car freshener.  This behavior may seem border line insane, but I find it necessary to get into the Autumn spirit.  During these chillier months I will take a leaf out of my mom's book, and relish the sweet, crisp aroma of apples.  She dons the scent all year round and smells amazing while doing so.  I guess the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree.  If apples aren't your thing I also love using Burberry Brit and Vera Wang Princess this time of year.  Vanilla is also a great go to scent for body wash and lotions.  It's light, warm scent will linger on your skin all day and provide a great backdrop for any other fragrance you may sptriz on later.  
Bath & Body Works Country Apple Body Splash
I tend to prefer body splash rather than perfume, I like that they are soft and not overpowering.  Bath & Body Works always seem to be having some kind of sale, so stock up and save.  I also get their body wash, hand sanitizer, soap, and room fresheners to complete my fall fragrance overload. 

What is your favorite scent for fall?

Tuesday, September 21

Paint The Town

When it comes to painting my nails I am an extreme perfectionist.  My nails need to be perfectly shaped, cuticles pushed back and the polish must look like it was airbrushed on.  This whole ordeal takes me well over an hour, so naturally I put off redoing my nails until I can't stand the chipped up messes anymore.  I have always tended to go for quirky, offbeat hues that make a statement, so chips stand out even more.  While I am not willing to give up my favorite paints for good, I am up for sending my nails a curve ball.  Neutrals and greys may seem boring and dull, but they are the perfect backdrop for sparkling rings and dazzling bracelets.
O.P.I. Over The Taupe, Essie Chinchilly, Orly Prince Charming
I am still loving colored nails as well.  Fall is darker so I like to balance it out with pastel nails that look like candy.

O.P.I. What's With The Cattitude, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Splash of Grenadine
And of course I LOVE sparkly nails.  No need for glittering jewelry when your fingers are this fancy.
Lippman Glitter Polish, Sephora Only Gold For Me, Orly Tiara

For a cheap polish fix, check out Sinful Colors, available at Walgreens for $1.99 a bottle.  They have a huge color selection and are great quality for the price.  I recommend two coats, the colors tend to be on the sheer side.

Monday, September 20

Calling All Shopaholics

Lulu*s has offered all readers of Fashion Curious 15% off their complete purchase.  The code is: CURIOUSCAIT.  It is case sensitive and valid for cutomers in the USA and Canada.  This coupon code can be used once per customer on all merchadise.  It will be valid now until October 20th.  I have featured many items from Lulu*s in previous posts and shop the site frequently myself.  My favorite part about Lulu*s is their AH-MAZING shoes.  I have yet to meet a pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes that I don't fall madly in love with, and Lulu*s has a great selection to choose from.  So get shopping, and let us know the pieces you are falling for.

Sunday, September 19

A Splash of Color Here and a Twist of Color There

I am letting my inner hippie chick run free and call the shots on this one, my fifth and final trend is tie dye.  Now don't go rummaging through your drawers searching for that t shirt you tie dyed rainbow at summer camp when you were ten, that can stay hidden forever.  The tie dye I'm loving is modern, softer and more abstract than it's overbearing counterpart.  Not only are these pieces wearable art, they are one of a kind, each marked with different patterns and slight color variations.  Wearing tie dye in the fall lets you extend your carefree, summer mindset into colder months.  The best part is that this trend is beautiful because of it's originality and uniqueness, meaning that you can do this yourself.  Tie dye a pair of white tights, leggings, a canvas bag, headbands, or tissue tees to create your own work of art.  If you aren't the crafty type no worries, I got you covered.
Tie Dye Ruched Top Bag, $80
Roxy Send It Off Cross-Body, $34
BIG BUDDHA Festival Clutch, $37.72
Nasty Gal Tie Dye Shoulder Bag, $82

Aimee Flats by Lucky Shoes, $36.22
Wild Rose Women's Josh 23C T-Strap Sandal, $39.99

Rock & Republic Legendary Tie Dye, $148
David Lerner Tie Dye Leggings in Multi, $70
Sugar Lips Tie Dye Romper, $17.70
Delia*s Tie Dye Legging, $9.99
LOFT Tall Tie Dye Modern Skinny Pants, $79.50

Neue Tie Dye Poncho, $58


Tie Dye Scarf, $34

 DIY Tie Dying -

Tie dye looking fresh & funky on the Proenza Schouler runway (Spring 2011)

Saturday, September 18

Pointe Me In The Right Direction

I have been fighting myself over what my next trend would be.  See through chiffon, floating fabrics, pastels, intricate lace, ruffles and many others where vying for my attention.  I couldn't decide on just one, and that's when it waltzed right in front of me, ballet.  Never having been a ballet dancer myself, my heart was in irish dance and I never deviated, I have no proof that my choices are authentic, but elegant and dazzling none the less.  In past posts I have had to search and search for apparel and accessories that I love and deem perfect enough to write about, this is a much harder task than I ever could of imagined.  This one was different though.  Difficult? Yes, but for a much different reason.  I could not edit my choices.  My favorites list is now jammed with links to ballet inspired tops, purses, jewelry and on and on and on; and I love them all.  I cannot wait to get dressed in glamourous, ballerina attire, paired with some edgier and structured pieces, and jete all over town.

I may have gotten a little carried away, just a little.

Scalloped Shoulder Bag, $24.80
ASOS Satin Pearl Bow Clutch, $37.07
Ruche Ruffly Roses Clutch in Pink, $39.99
Kimchi Blue Slouchy Bucket with Tassels, $58
Forever 21 Quilted Shoulder Bag, $22.80
ASOS Nude Feather Clutch, $43.81

Capezio Studded Ballet Slippers, $48
Top Shop VIGO Mesh Toe Cap Pumps, $36
Top Shop VINE Flower Mesh Pumps, $40

WISTERIA Chiffon Tie Wedges, $135
Top Shop ROSA Flower Trim High Sandals, $145
PAISLEY Cut-Out Ankle Boots, $180
Adidas Relace Low Trainers, $84.25
Woven Bubble Skirt, $17.80
Forever 21 All Dolled Up Skirt, $22.80
Ruche Dream Pink Lacy Tiered Skirt, $26.99
ASOS Elastic Waist Ruffle Tutu Skirt, $60.66
Lipsy Feather & Lace Layered Skirt, $109.53

Spotted From Afar Shorts, $32.99
Mango Super Wide Leg Trousers, $48.87
ASOS Tie Waist Harem Pant, $40.44


Victorian Woven Blouse, $27.80
Forever 21 Satiny Bow Print Top, $19.80
ASOS Jet Beaded Embellished Crop Top, $60.66
Top Shop Pleated Lace Tunic, $65

Darling Lace Trim Sheer Top, $80.88
Top Shop Panelled Lace Trim Smock, $80
Lucca Couture Tied Dots Blouse, $58

Fluttering Butterflies Chiffon Dress, $44.99

Flared Bow Headband, $4.80

Purple Chiffon Hair Clip/Brooch, $9.99
Forever 21 Sateen Floral Headband, $5.80
ASOS Vintage Style Corsage Stretch Pearl, $10.11

Dangling Daisy Cutout Earrings, $14.99
Forever 21 Sexy Chandelier Earrings, $5.80
Forever 21 Avant Garde Teardrop Earrings, $5.80
Ruche Center Stage Oval Earrings, $24.99
Rhinestone Feather Earrings, $4.80
Ruche Butterfly Fly Away Earrings, $12.99
Forever 21 Chain Mail Earrings, $2.80
Oasis Fabric Pom Pom Flower Stud Earrings, $13.48

Adorned Beauty Leather Ring in Lilac, $18.99
Forever 21 Shades of Purple Necklace, $9.80
Ruche Peach Melba Chiffon Necklace, $22.99

Friday, September 17

Borrowing From Boys

Loose cut jeans, plaid button downs, blazers, cardigans, dress shirts, bulky watches and oxfords are just a few of the treasures that could be lurking in your man's closet.  When sneaking around make sure to steer clear of the oversized t shirts and baggy sweats, as comfy as they may be, these pieces are best reserved for lazy days spent inside. Adding a masculine edge to your look is easy, but make sure not to go overboard, the idea isn't to blend in with the boys but to stand out by looking cute, casual and confident.  Mix masculine and feminine pieces together to achieve a proportionate look, pair relaxed cut jeans with structured tops and menswear dress shirts with curve hugging pants and skirts.  Now get on the hunt and raid the closets of your boyfriend, brother, dad, and best guy friends in search of these items.  Come up empty handed?  No problem, you're in luck.  I have scoured the web looking for the perfect boy pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. 


Leather Tooled Cross Body Bag, $65

Croco Shoulder Bag/Back Pack, $32.80


Kimchi Blue Teardrop Oxford, $48

Top Shop KAMILLE Soft Leather Brogues, $100
Jeffrey Campbell Two-Tone Oxford Wedge, $128
Top Shop TALLULAH Frill Trainers, $32

Workman Boots, $25.80
 Free People Pallabrouse Baggy Boot, $88
ASOS PANDORA Peep Toe Lace Up Shoe Boots, $67.40

ASOS Aged Vintage Roll Up Boyfriend Jeans, $53.92
ASOS Paperbag Wide Leg Trouser, $60.66
Top Shop Utility Trousers, $80
Forever 21 Skinny Cargo Pants w/Ankle Zipper, $22.90
Forever 21 Satin Cargo Pant, $27.80
Nasty Gal Drape Pocket Shorts, $38

AE Favorite Shirt, $29.95

ASOS Oversized Pocket Boyfriend Shirt, $37.07 Forever 21 Game On Raglan Tee, $17.80
Forever 21 Must Have Cardigan, $17.80

Long Sleeve Green Check Shirt, $55
Target Converse One Star Double Layer Lawn Shirt, $24.99
Nasty Gal Funktional Draped Silk Button Down, $86


Marshall Oversized Cargo Jacket by Hurley, $69

Titanium Boyfriend Watch (Juniors), $8.50
Forever 21 Knitted Fingerless Gloves, $5.80
Heritage 1981 Rugby Striped Scarf, $8.90

Thursday, September 16

Late Night Snack

While exploring the web and making an infinite number of wishlists, it is my birthday soon and I now consider this obsessive behavior research, I found my bell bottomed soulmate.  Of Course, the decimal point has a few too many places ahead of it to consider these pants a viable option for me, but still I am in love and when you're in love rationality is a thing of the past.  The other day I caught the first few minutes of "Last Holiday" on TBS.  I didn't watch it, but I know the gist of the story: a lady is told she was two weeks left to live, she stops her normal life, listens to her heart, and does the things she's always dreamt of.   If that was me, I would buy these pants,wear them every last day while traveling the world, and have a smile on my face the entire time.
Lace Bell Bottom Pant, $188


Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh, My!

My second trend - animal print.  Animal print is taking over, covering anything it can get it's paws on; clothing, accessories, shoes, decor, bedding, even my kindle case.  While some may consider the loud, busy prints trashy and erotic, I prefer to think of them as exotic.

Some rules to consider before letting your animalistic nature take over:
1. Pick pieces that are cut modestly.  Animal print already is sexy, if you wear it in provocative cuts your end result will not be chic.  
2. Don't mess with nature.  Leopards, zebras and tigers aren't pink for a reason.
3. Wear one animal print at a time, do not become a walking zoo.
4. Be confident, you look great.

Forever 21 Leopard Shoulder Bag, $21.80

Serengeti Chain Bag, $48
Fred Flare Leopard Print Mini Purse, $28
Top Shop Leopard Vanity Case, $90

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform - Leopard, $145
Lulu*s Mixx Laura Tan Zebra Suede Hot Hidden Platform Pump, $34
Forever 21 Fancy Footwork Flats, $17.80
Nasty Gal Leopard Rain Boot, $38
ASOS TIGGY Animal Effect Collar Wedge Shoe, $92.68

Leopard Maxi Skirt, $98
ASOS Animal Print Tube Skirt, $37.07
ASOS Tailored Animal Print Culottes, $37.07

Top Shop Leopard Capri Trousers, $70

Top Shop Leopard Tapered Trousers, $80
Nasty Gal Wilma Draped Pant, $82

Nasty Gal Motel Leopard Bustier Dress (black leotard worn underneath), $58
ASOS Motel Leopard Print Cage Back Dress, $67.40
Forever 21 Perfect Fall Knit Dress, $14.50
Kensie Dress Animal Print Sweater, $68.85

Reiss Paloma Animal Print T Shirt, $99.42
BB Dakota by Jack Janika Fur Vest, $57
Top Shop Animal One Shoulder Tunic, $90
Zebra Toggle Accent Tunic, $27.80