Sunday, January 22


Top - Forever21, Jeans - American Eagle, Boots - Old Navy (mom), Necklace - vintage (gift from mom), Gloves - Kohl's

This pup loves the snow.  He loves to eat it, hop around in it, pee in it, and hide some in his beard for a little snack when we get back inside.  I love the snow too, just not the cold.  Especially when wearing a sheer top, definitely not the best winter wear.  But at least I wore gloves.

Monday, January 9


Top - Old Navy, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Francesca's, Bracelet - vintage (from my mom)

I have become so dependent on these pants.  When I first bought them about a year ago I was so nervous that I would never wear them, Scott quickly got me over my nerves and I bought them.  Now I wear them once a week, twice if I can't find clean tights (which is more often than I'd like to admit).  They surprisingly go with everything, are super comfy and easy to spot in a mess.*  I think it's about time I get another color pant, any suggestions?

* Hopefully I keep my New Year's resolution and don't have to rely on bright colors to spot my clothes.

Sunday, January 8

A Pup's Resolutions

1. Get to know my neighbors so I stop barking every time they come in the building...oops.
2. Stop chewing mama's shoes.  I guess I will have to start playing with my toys.
3. Find out were they hid all of that wrapping paper and bows.
4. Get more exercise.  Hint, hint mom and dad.

A Guy's Resolutions

1. Read Harry Potter...somebody said they wouldn't marry me until I know everything about the boy who lived.
2. Be more active.
3. Keep it clean, this is a household resolution.
4. Eat healthier.  Just a little bit, not too much.

* Fender is next, and he has really been working on these.

A Girl's Resolutions

1. Keep it clean!  I am terrible at maintaining a clean closet and home.  Hopefully that will change this year.
2. Plan our wedding.  And save money to pay for it!
3. Quit hitting the snooze button 20 times each morning.  Instead, get up and start my morning earlier.
4. Have fun and be a caring fiance, daughter, friend, granddaughter and mama (to my little pup)

*Stayed tuned for a guy's and a pup's resolutions

Tuesday, January 3

What He Wore

Bug just wanted to say hi and let you know that he wears cute clothes too. 


We rang in 2012 just the three of us.  The humans stayed up eating dinner (chicken piccata, YUMM), spinning cotton candy, playing Lego Harry Potter, and watching Star Wars.  The pup slept, but we made sure to wake him before the ball dropped...he would have been pissed if he had missed it.  It was the perfect way to say goodbye to my best year so far and cheers to the unknown.