Friday, July 29


Top & Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Target, Belt - American Eagle

This is my new favorite outfit.  It's so pink and stripey and perfect for playing croquet in.  I feel like a big ball of cotton candy, or some other sugary, pink sweet.  The shirt is also pretty baggy and this skirt has an elastic waist so that means I can also eat a lot of candy in this outfit.  Hey, you are what you eat, so why not dress to match.

Wednesday, July 27


Dress - Ruche, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Forever21, Purse - mom's, Scarf & Bracelet - thrifted, Sunglasses - H&M

We were total daredevils while taking these pictures.  Right when we walked up to the swing set alarms in the school started going off.  I instantly thought we had done it, Scott assured me that wasn't the case.  Even though I know in the back of my mind our swinging didn't break the law, I still feel pretty tough.  That's right I swing and pose for pictures in the sight of danger.

Tuesday, July 26


Dress - Francesca's, Belt - Ruche, Shoes - Payless, Clutch - thrifted

I wore this out on a date last Friday.  I wish I could go back to that dinner.  Yummy basil fizz cocktails, nutella butter, citrus rice, delish trout and nutella fondue with banana marshmallow sandwiches.  I know!  If only it were last Friday, or it could be this Friday.  I'm not too picky about my Fridays.  Any day I can go to sleep without the fear of an alarm waking me up way too early is a good day in my book.

Sunday, July 24


Top - H&M, Pants - Old Navy, Belt - American Eagle, Shoes - Payless

Weekends go by waaay too fast.  I make a to do list every Friday, half with things I already did and the other half with things I won't get to for another two weeks.  I mean who can do at least 2 loads of laundry when there is netflix instant.  And who has time for vacuuming when there is a comfy couch to sit on and some yummy wine slushie in the freezer.  Not I.  Next Friday I think I am going to change up the to do list for the better, and I promise to get it all done.  I will finally get to cross everything off, and I love crossing things off my list.

Wednesday, July 20

5 more

Cardigan - Francesca's, Tank - Ruche, Shorts - Forever21, Sandals - Target, Clutch - thrifted

Only 5 outfits left and then the rest of my closet is fair game.  I better start cleaning now.

Sunday, July 17

Double Shift

Top - Ruche (dress), Skirt & Necklace - H&M, Shoes - Forever21, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Earrings - Francesca's

I am in love with wearing dresses as tops.  Seriously, my closet just doubled in size.  Which in turn doubled the mess.  Yes, I realize I don't have more clothes, but some how there is a bigger mess.  I think they know they are now on a double shift and this is their way of sticking it to the (wo)man.  Hey I don't blame 'em, I'd be messy too. 

Saturday, July 16


Tank - Ruche, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless

I recently joined pinterest, so you will have to excuse my lack of words.  Don't feel bad I'm ditching everybody else too.

Friday, July 15


Tank - Forever21, Shorts - H&M, Sandals - Target, Bracelet & Scarf - thrifted

Last weekend we went to an art fair.  There were so many pretty things that it was hard to not buy everything.  Luckily we are crafty with the camera and snapped some shots of cute ideas so we can DIY it up at home.  There was also fresh shaken lemonade, which makes me weak in the knees.  And a make your own sand candle station where I made an ugly candle that smells surprisingly good.  It was the perfect summer day. 

Wednesday, July 13


Tank & Sandals - Target, Jeans - Gap, Belt - Forever21, Necklace - Francesca's

And now you know where I learned it all.