Wednesday, June 29

See Through

So I bought this dress one day (because the stars reminded me of Harry Potter) and didn't notice that it's completely see through.  Which actually works out well, because so is this skirt.  And let me tell you, if you add one see through item to another they become not so see through.  Lucky for me, the people in my department at work have sensitive eyes, so we keep the lights down.  Which means my not so see through lost it's so, meaning we are in the clear(haha, get it?).  Well, I was in the clear until I walked outside and the wind blew them both up.  Making them completely see through.  At least my underwear were solid.

On a Whim

Top - Ruche, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless, Headband - Target

I ordered this shirt on a whim.  I have a crazy habit of online window shopping.  I peruse a few online boutiques on a regular basis, add everything and anything I like to my cart and then think about what monthly purchases I would have to give up in order to afford them.  It's usually that I would have to give up my rent to afford everything, so as a rational human being girl I think about it for about 1 hour and then come to the conclusion that now isn't the right time to buy the goods.  I also used this logic when deciding to get a moon roof in my new car, but for that I was only giving up my morning tea and muffin twice a week.  That I can handle.  Anyways back to the shirt.  So I bought it...and a few other things, even though it wasn't really my style.  And guess what, I love it.  So sometimes an impromptu online purchase pays off.  And sometimes it doesn't. 

Tuesday, June 28

Little Time

Tank & Sandals - Target, Shorts & Necklace - Forever21, Purse - gifted (g-ma/mom), Scarf - thrifted

Tonight is the finale of The Voice, so I have to cheer on Dia.  And stare starry eyed at Blake Shelton.  All while kicking Scott's butt in Monopoly Deal.  So much to do, so little time.

Sunday, June 26

Dinner and a Movie

Cardigan, Tank & Belt - Forever21, Jeans - Gap, Clutch - gifted from g-ma

I have been trying to write this for about two hours now.  And I am still at a lost.  So hows about I just recap my night (in one sentence) and then give you two bonus photos.  Deal? DEAL! (wow, you guys are excited)  We went on a date, I ate ribs...they were messy and delish, we saw Bridesmaids, and I am now seriously contemplating getting my hair cut like Kristen Wiig's, I know this is a mistake, but I will probably do it anyways, and that's all I got.  I know lame, but here are some pictures that are the complete opposite of lame.

Scott is one lucky guy.  And I am one lucky girl, only 18 more days!

More Cupcakes

Dress - Francesca's, Belt & Bangles - H&M, Sandals - Target, Purse - thrifted

Yup, more cupcakes.  I'm on this new diet were you eat cupcakes for breakfast, mini cupcakes for an afternoon snack, and then cookies for dinner.  I tried it yesterday and I feel great today.  I think the key to happiness is to keep the sugar high going.  Lucky me, Scott didn't eat his cupcake yet. I'd feel bad about eating it, but he doesn't even try to keep it safe.  It's like when you go camping, you don't leave all your food sitting out, inviting all the little scavengers in.  You gotta tie it up in a tree, so at least they have to work for it.

This is like sending me an invitation to eat it.  One day he will learn to keep treats out of my reach, up high so I can't get to them.  That is also the day I will buy a step stool and some higher heels.

Friday, June 24


Top & Skirt - H&M, Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Forever21, Necklaces - Urban Outfitters & Juicy Coutre

Being sick stinks.  Especially when there is no one around to bring you hot tea or crush up your pills.  Or bring you extra blankets when you're cold and then turn on the air five minutes later when you're hot.  And worst of all there is no one to listen to you whine and complain about how your hair hurts and your teeth ache.  The only minor upside to this bug is that I have time to watch the new Harry Potter ultimate editions.  My mom surprised me with them earlier this week.  And by surprised, I mean she got them for me after I told her how much I wanted them and how I would love to make a homemade dinner for her.  Very sly.

Wednesday, June 22


Cardigan - Forever21, Dress - Francesca's, Shoes - Target, Belt - Urban Outfitters

That's right today's photos were shot with the new camera (eek!) behind a Panera.  I know we are classy.  We get our dessert and beverages and then head out behind the building to photo shoot it up.  What you still eat in the restaurant? That was so last season.

*I don't understand things with buttons and plugs very well and the boyfriend is busy building a bookshelf, but I wrote "figure out why my pictures don't look clear on the blog" at the very top of his to do list.  That's right I bumped give me a mani pedi and take me on shopping spree down a few spots.  The bump is why those aren't happening, at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.



Cardigan - Francesca's, Tank - Ruche, Skirt & Flower - H&M, Shoes - Payless, Belt - Forever21

This is yesterday's outfit and since yesterday me was too busy posting a previous days outfit, today me has to post yesterdays outfit.  But today me doesn't want to talk about yesterday's outfit, I want to talk about today's outfit.  Confused?   Take it up with yesterday me...she may be hard to get a hold of.

Who knew ahold wasn't a word?  Learn something new every day.

Tuesday, June 21

Risk Management

Jacket - American Eagle, Tank - Forever21, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless

I got a new camera! Woo! FYI these are not pictures from that camera.  Somebody didn't get a memory card because she thought she wouldn't need one.  Silly girl.  It's an easy thing to over look, I mean it is so small.  Not to mention I was starving and The Voice was starting in like 20 min, so obviously my mind was else where.  So, if all goes right you should be seeing some clear pictures within the next few months.  It's called risk management, giving myself a little cushion.

Sunday, June 19

Granny Chic

Cardigan, Ring & Shoes - Forever21, Dress - H&M, Purse - Vintage, Socks - Incognito

Both my grandma and great-grandma loved my purse, claiming it looked like something they use to have.  Which is kinda like the seal of authenticity on my $10 flea market find.  I don't know if they were prepared for my socks though.  To be honest I wasn't quite sure about them when I bought them.  I was just in desperate need for some change (parking meters are killer) and all I had has a fifty.  So these socks saved me.  Miracle socks.


Blazer - H&M, Tank - Ruche, Jeans - Gap, Wedges - Target

Short on pictures and short on words.  And short on weekend minutes, bummer.

Thursday, June 16

Needy Blog

Cardigan - Francesca's, Tank - H&M, Pants - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless

We spent all night at Best Buy testing out cameras.  And then we finally decided on one.  It's perfect.  It's affordable, takes super clear pictures and has all the extra little features.  Oh and it's out of stock...everywhere.  It will be mine though, even if I have to camp out at Best Buy and wait.  I mean really this is the opportune time to get a new camera,since there is a temporary ban on clothes shopping.  I'm always in a dilemma on whether to buy a new camera (clearer pictures) or more clothes (fresher outfits).  For the blog of course, not me.  See I'm always putting the blogs' needs before my own.