Sunday, February 27

Be Weary

Cardigan - Old Navy, Tank - Forever21, Jeans - American Eagle, Flats - Gap, Belt - H&M(came with skirt)

Remember like a week ago when I said I was over jeans?  Yea, don't believe everything I say.  Be skeptical.  You should also be skeptical of Olive Garden commercials.  It seems as if they have a countless number of options each more mouthwatering than the next, that you dine on while in a rustic, Tuscan villa.  Umm, yea, I'm going to have to disagree.  I don't know, did we go to the wrong Olive Garden?  Loading up on salty, garlic bread sticks does have it's perks though and washing it all down with an Andes mint, that's my kind of end to a meal.  And of course stopping for a two-scoop ice cream on the way home.


Blazer - H&M, Shirt - Old Navy, Jeans - American Eagle, Necklace - Forever21, Shoes - Aldo

Warning: You are looking at a cheater!  A 30 for 30 cheater.  I bought TWO things yesterday and I wore an item not in my 30 for part of the day.  Now, let me explain.  I have excuses, so it's all right.  I first bought a pair of work pants, they were an excellent deal and in a style and cut I love.  Oh, and they were the last pair in my size, so how could I not buy them.  Then, after walking around the mall for a few hours my feet were starting to hurt in those heels and I just couldn't stand it any longer, so...  I bought a pair of TOMS.  And I wore them the rest of the day.  You understand?  Good, I knew you would.


Chambray Top, Jeans & Belt - American Eagle, Tank - Forever21, Socks - Target, Shoes - M

Hello my name is Caitlin and I have sucky internet.  This is why I have been MIA the past few days.  Anywho, on Friday when I wore this outfit I had a plan, a really good one, but it didn't work.  I thought that if I wore my hair in pigtails someone may mistake me for a child and send me home, because children don't work.  It was an awesome plan, I don't know where I went wrong.  It's even more disappointing because it was a difficult plan to execute, is it just me or is it like super hard to braid hair.  I mean the first braid goes down smoothly but then somehow it communicates to the other one to put up a fight.  There is always that little tuft of hair that pokes out of the braid and those wisps in the back that won't stretch to either pigtail.  I guess I understand because crimps must be like hair's version of a cramp.  And that must not feel good.

Thursday, February 24


Top & Skirt - H&M, Scarf - mom's, Belt - thrifted, Tights - Old Navy, Shoes - Aldo

So I finally am in the process of doing laundry.  It's a miracle.  Well maybe not, I have hit a few speed bumps on the way.  How, you may ask?  Laundry isn't hard, in fact it is sort of a mindless chore, as in you do not need to think at all.  Yet still I have had 2 hiccups in my attempts to get clean.  My whites suffered an extra long time in the washer because somebody didn't close the lid after putting the soap in.  They stayed like this all night.  I feel even worse for my darks.  They are getting swished around as we speak, with a spider.  Yes, a spider crawled into the washer and I couldn't get it out.  Let me clarify, me not being able to get it out means my screaming achieved nothing, shocking.  *"Isn't that just kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic?"

*Silver Lining, thinking of that quote made me laugh.  I guess everything really does happen for a reason.
**Quoting Rachel from Friends

Wednesday, February 23

Times are Changing

Cardigan - Old Navy, Tank - Forever21, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Mia, Tights - Charlotte Russe, Ring - Betsey Johnson

Only one week left, then my whole closet is fair game.  I haven't really started to miss my other clothes yet, is that bad?  To be completely honest, I haven't even thought about them (much).  I am almost nervous to go back.  What if they're mad and decide not to play friendly with the favored 30 or have been on hiatus for so long that they forgot how to do their job?  Maybe I will put them on a warm-up schedule, a little mixing and matching while I'm at work.  They better start figuring something out cause times a tickin' folks, times a tickin'.

Tuesday, February 22

A Girl of Many Trades

Top & Skirt - Old Navy, Tights - Target, Flats - Gap, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Necklaces - Forever21 & Juicy Couture

I really don't consider myself to be quite handy.  I don't think there is anyone out there who thinks "Gosh I wish Caity was here" when they're in a jam.  Unless they are playing Harry Potter trivia, in which case I would become incredibly useful.  Most of the time when I am having some difficulties (usually technical difficulties) I text the boy and tell him when he's over next he has some work to do.  That fancy blog title font, all him, hooking up my Super Nintendo (Donkey Champ here) and DVD player, him again.  He even is more efficient at scraping the ice off my car window.  Wanna know something that stumps him though, that I happen to excel at?  Putting my hair in a ponytail!  That's right ladies and gentlemen I can wrap an elastic band around my own hair like it's nobody's business. Point and match.

Monday, February 21

Snow, Snow Go Away

Coat - BB Dakota, Top -  H&M, Pants - Gap, Boots - Steve Madden, Belt & Panda Necklace - Forever21, Scarf - thrifted

Thank you Presidents, I truly appreciate my day off.  But Mother Nature we are not on speaking terms right now.  You teased me with warm (30 degree) weather and now you go and dump all this snow everywhere and make it incredibly frigid.  That is not cool.  You knew my car window wasn't zipped up and yet you still chose to pile pounds of that fluffy stuff on top of it.  NOT COOL.

Sunday, February 20


Tank, Skirt & Necklace - H&M, Cardigan - Old Navy, Tights & Scarf - Target, Shoes - Mia, Gloves - Marks & Spencer

Out of the office, off playing games, be back Monday.  Or maybe Tuesday, we're pretty chill around here.  And I think I smell a snow day brewing.

Saturday, February 19

Girl Power

Dress - AngelEyes, Jacket - Miss Sixty, Tights - Charlotte Russe, Shoes - Aldo, Purse - local boutique

This is the third and final Valentine's outfit.  This dress was added into my 30 for 30 just for tonight.  So I could do a twirl or two and feel like a pretty, tutu wearing princess.  Check, check. (check for fruits check for vegetables, go on...Parent Trap anyone?)  Tonight was date night, Valentines date night so we went out for some super swanky food.  When ordering my drink the waitress stopped me to tell me I had super cute voice and to ask if people frequently ask me to sing karaoke.  Huh?  Karaoke?  Why would they do that?  Cartoon voices I understand, but karaoke, I'm not on board with that.  I have done karaoke if you're wondering.  I sang When 2 Become 1, that's right I am a HUGE Spice Girls fan.  I did horrible but at least I exude Girl Power.


Coat - BB Dakota, Top - Old Navy, Jeans - American Eagle, Shoes - Aldo, Purse - Target, Scarf - thrifted

Most girls try to channel Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O or Coco Chanel, but me,  I go for Minnie Mouse.  I mean come on that gal's got in going on.  Dotted mini dresses and big, fluffy bows, no wonder Mickey fell for her.  Last night I went out with 3 of my favorite people for some good eats, drinks and live music.  I have been jonesing  for some field trip pictures, and I finally got some.  I also got some creepy smiles from a man at a table next door.  Hey, it comes with the territory.  So you're probably wondering who that pretty girl sitting next to me is, aren't you?  You're definitely wondering now.  See how I did that, I just controlled your mind.  Okay, okay I'll tell you, she is my bestie, Caitlyn.  You may have read about her here, but now you get to meet her!  You have just been meeting everyone in my life this week.  Caitlyn, my cat...okay so not everyone but close enough.

Thursday, February 17


Top & Scarf - H&M, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Aldo, Belt - Forever21

This top is pretty cool, right?  I mean literally cool.  I was chilly all day!  For a brief second I toyed with the idea of turning my scarf around.  You know, like a cape-tail hybrid or a fabric hair extension.  The world may not be ready for this quite yet...or maybe ever.

Wednesday, February 16

Home Sweet H&M

Blazer, Top & Skirt - H&M, Tights - Forever21, Shoes, Mia

So, obviously I live at H&M.  I normally just bring my tent and sleeping bag with me when I venture in, so I can just set up camp.  I didn't even realize I was wearing all H&M until I was in the bathroom at work and thought "Jeez Cait, you are a good matcher!  Those blues are identical!"  "Uh yea, they are from the same line" said that little gal on my shoulder.  She isn't an angel or a devil, just a really quick thinker.  Only 14 more days till I can walk by those glorious H&M doors once again.  "That's still 2 weeks."  She is always trying to rain on my parade.

Tuesday, February 15


Pretty.  And they came from someone even prettier.  Thank you!

The Trip Back

Half way there!  Or I could be all the way there and now on the way back.  That last part may only make sense in my head, that's how most things I come up with go.  I still have yet to do laundry.  Is that gross?  I will answer for you.  Yes, yes it is.  Do I care?  No, no I don't.  Maybe I will make that part of my challenge, no laundry.  And while I'm at it no cleaning either.  Challenge accepted!


Button-up - Old Navy, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Aldo, Necklace - American Eagle

This is my cat, Lucy.  She is a crazy one.  Always going places she shouldn't, waking us up at ungodly hours of the night, sneakily drinking our water and licking the plates.  She is a handful but a total cutie.  She has also been begging me for a cameo in the blog.  It was getting rather annoying, so I finally gave in.  Blog meet Lucy, Lucy you already know the blog, I see you reading it daily.