Wednesday, February 29

New Pants

Sweater & Pants - Old Navy, Shirt - American Eagle, Shoes - Bella Mia, Pin - vintage

It has been super foggy all day today.  It's a good thing I wore the brightest pants I own.  The pictures really do not do these pants justice, they are incredibly bright.  So bright that I am pretty sure I scared a few people at work today when I turned a corner.  They also are stiff and tight which made it pretty hard to walk and sit.  But I think they're pretty, so I'll keep them around.  I mean really, how important are bendy knees?

Tuesday, February 28


Blazer & Flower clip - H&M, Dress - Francesca's, Tights - The Limited, Shoes - Ruche, Earrings - gift from g-ma

Finally an outfit post.  Sure they are a bit blurry and grainy, but at least they're here.  This leash is my favorite thing we bought for Fender, and boy have we bought him a lot of stuff.  Not only is it super cute and practical for late night walks, but it also supports a great cause.  And they have excellent customer service!  The little bug broke our first one from yanking on it too hard and chewing on it constantly only about a month after we bought it.  Thankfully, they sent us a new one at no charge and super fast.  Alright enough gushing, but seriously get one.  Even if you don't have a dog.  Invisible dogs are just as cool, plus I heard they are a lot cheaper and don't chew up your favorite heels

Saturday, February 25


For Christmas Scott got me bacon chocolate chip pancake mix, YUM!  I had been wanting this for so long but could never bring myself to buy it because it's a little on the pricey side for pancake mix.  Luckily Scott can take a hint and was just as eager to try them out.  I finally got around to making them for brinner (breakfast for dinner) and holy moley were they delish!  I definitely recommend trying them out for breakfast, brunch or brinner!

Red Wings

We've been doing a lot of Red Wings watching over here, even Fender.  Anything that Scott likes Fender automatically likes.  Red Wings, Star Wars, guitars, bacon.  Anything I like Fender eats.  My books, shoes, cellphone, makeup.  That little pup is lucky he is so darn cute.

Monday, February 20


That costume is now a play toy he will probably rip to shreds within the next week.  But he is still just as cute, only a bit bigger.