Thursday, March 3

Mastering the Force

Maybe I can get this picture made into wallpaper, I'd never need a mirror then, because chances are I'd look like one of those girls.  My favorites were 9, 13, 20, 23 & 25.  Oh and maybe 30.  So, what did I learn?  I learned that new clothes do not make the world go round.  Even if I do not buy a new outfit for that one "special" occasion, life will still go on, and bonus I can still look cute.  I like every other girl say on a normal basis "I have nothing to wear" and of course this could not be less true.  I have closets, dressers and floor space (I'm a mess) drowning in clothes and yet I still make frequent trips to the mall to buy more.  No creative thought was going into my outfits and I was becoming dependent on stores to get me my fix.  I was becoming an expert on buying useless crap that added no substance to my wardrobe.    Now, I haven't mastered the styling force (I'm no Yoda) but I did pick up a few handy tips:

1. Planning is key.  Wasting 15 precious morning minutes standing in front of your closet dumb-struck is a thing of the past.  Either write down or set aside the meat and potato items for the week and then just leave the gravy for the morning.  In English, have the tops, bottoms and shoes decided beforehand and throw on the accessories that day.  

2. Accessories are the quarterback of the outfit.  I know zip about football, but even I know that dude's important.  Accessories change everything.  They turn dull and drab into pretty and fab.  

3. Take note of the pieces you tend to gravitate towards and buy more.  Stop buying stuff that doesn't work and buy the stuff that does.  I am a champ at not buying the thing I really love because it's too expensive but then buying a bunch of other junk that ends up being the same price as the one beloved item.  This behavior makes no sense!  Buy what you love and ignore the rest.  Stick to your budget though ladies, this doesn't mean treat yourself to those Louboutins.

4. One person's junk is another's treasure.  Before recently I would not set foot into a thrift store.  Now, I could spend all day hunting.  Sure there is a lot of junk and it smells funny, but there are treats to be found at insanely cheap prices.

5. Be yourself.  Wear what you like.  Even if it's different, this is the only way you can feel truly confident and happy.

*I think I snuck into my boyfriend's head while writing this post.  Yoda and quarterbacks, who am I kidding?


  1. Love the skirts that were in your 30 for 30. I agree with your pointers, especially the plan ahead. 30 for 30 has been tricky, but I did so much more thinking in advance than usual. A half hour spent on Monday reduced my get ready time significantly throughout the rest of the week!

  2. I totally agree with tip #3. I used to never let myself buy that one splurgey item that would help me make tons of new outfits in my wardrobe - DUMB! And I love outfit #9!


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