Sunday, March 6

Dreaming of Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Dress - American Eagle, Shirt - Old Navy, Belt & Necklace - Urban Outfitters, Tights & Hat - Forever21, Shoes - Mia

Warm weather could not come any sooner.  I am getting sick of all the snow and ice and the bitter cold mornings when it feels like my fingers may just break off while scraping my windows.  Also, I am getting tired of my winter clothes.  I want my floaty summer dresses and tailored shorts back.  Until that day, it's not coming soon according to the weather report, I will just have to wear my summer clothes anyways.  With some layers of course, so I don't turn blue.  That would not be cute.  I mean I love blue hues but I prefer my skin to be a pale, cream shade.  That pasty skin is by choice ladies and gentlemen and it was not influenced by Twilight.  Although that may make me slightly cooler in some crowds.  If you're a Jersey Shore fan though, I've got nothing for you.  Except for my hair gel collection, I've got a mean hair gel collection.


  1. I love your outfit. It's perfect for a snow picture! I can't wait for Spring, either!

  2. gah! i LOVE this...from the top of your adorably red poofball hat down to your black tights and brown mary janes. love every stinking thing about it. you look fabulous!

  3. cute outfit :)
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