Saturday, June 30

Work Out

Dress, Vest & Belt - Forever21, Sandals - Payless, Purse - vintage, Bracelets - vintage and Black Heart, Sunglasses - H&M

So I recently started working out, like six days ago recently, and I love it.  I don't know which is better, the getting healthy part or the cute gym outfits I can now buy without feeling like I wasted my money.  Also being able to watch Vampire Diaries and the grape flavored candy that Planet Fitness has an endless supply of ups the attraction.  Let's just hope they don't get chocolate...or I may never leave.

Wednesday, June 6

At Least I Try

Dress - Francesca's, Coat - H&M, Boots - Ruche, Purse - vintage

I told you I can make these rose boots go with anything.  I made the mistake of saying this to Scott the other night, to which he responded, "Well at least you try."  And that comment earned him another year of the rose boots, and maybe a pair of his own.