Wednesday, April 27


So since my outfit today is nothing special and my hair is having a tantrum, I decided to share some of the things I smitten with right now. 

Urban Outfitters and Modcloth
I love antlers, they are so pretty and functional.  I don't know if I'd hang my keys on them by the front door or sneak him into my room to be covered in necklaces.  I can't wait to add a few whimsical touches to the new apartment and having a few deer hidden about will bring the perfect amount of charm. 

These would make any outfit "date night" worthy.  The only thing they would need is a pretty pedi.

Mint green nails.  Especially if you matched them up with those pink shoes.  Too pretty.
Insanely pretty tea parties.  You better start preparing for the Royal Wedding now, you only have a day left!

I love blogging, but there is something so refreshing about writing with pen and paper.  Plus I love being able to carry around such a pretty, little book.

Tuesday, April 26

Jot It Down

Cardigan - Old Navy, Top & Belt - American Eagle, Skirt - H&M, Tights - Target, Heels - Mia

The other day I bought a journal (a really pretty one) so that I could jot down blog ideas or anything else that comes to me.  Throughout the day I am always thinking "I am so going to write about this" and then I forget what "this" was when I get home.  So, the journal seemed like the perfect idea.  Not only do I get to carry this pretty, little book around with me and feel instantly more creative and smart, I also will remember my thoughts.  Hence making writing these posts quicker and easier.  No such luck.  I wrote "power windows", no clue where I was going with that.  I am just going to assume it was very poetic and moving.  Or some sort of ingenious metaphor between power windows and shopping.  But you know what they say about assuming.

Monday, April 25

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

Top & Belt - American Eagle, Skirt - H&M, Wedges - Target, Purse - mom's

Happy Easter! I'm a day...almost 2 late.  Sorry, it was a jam packed day.  I had to find my Easter basket, that's right I have the best mom in the world and she made and hid all of our baskets.  And then 10 minutes later when I couldn't find mine I started whining and asking for hot & colds.  Scott finally found it.  We then ate two dinners and tons of chocolate.  It was a perfect day.  It was even warm enough for bare legs for about 3 hours of the day.  Then I got cold and ate some chocolate to warm up.

My legs are blindingly white, like a fluorescent light bulb.  And you thought skin that sparkled like diamonds was cool.

Wednesday, April 20

Extra Knowledge

Sweater & Skirt - Old Navy, Tank - H&M, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Tights - The Limited, Flats - Target, Necklace - American Eagle

Some tips on expanding your wardrobe:
1. Wear your dresses as skirts or tops
2. "Borrow" your boyfriends clothes (as long as you cross your fingers while saying you will return it, it doesn't count as a lie)
3. Look in your trunk, you may just have some extra shoes hanging out in there.  I found 19.  Yes, that is 8.5 pairs.
4. Hit up your best friends, that's what friends are for.  Plus don't your friends clothes always look newer and shinier than your own?  The grass is always greener.
5. Go shopping!

Wednesday, April 13


Cardigan & Shoes - Old Navy, Dress - local boutique, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Tights - Target

How about that weather!  I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm calling a tight-free day coming up soon.  I don't know if I'm excited or scared for my legs.  They are pretty pasty.  And that is pretty as in very, not as in looking good.  Good thing I've had some time to master the art of the fake tan...on Photoshop. 

Tuesday, April 12

Days and Days

Jacket - American Eagle, Top - Forever21, Skirt & Wedges - Target

I have a confession.  When I first put on my maxi skirt, I didn't take it off for over 24 hours.  Yes, I slept in it.  I may even have woke up that morning and just rolled with it, aka wore it for another 12.  I am all for clothing that looks real but feels like pajamas.  And, the not having to shave your legs every. single. day. is a definite plus. 

Check out EBEW for other stylish gals take on the maxi.

Wednesday, April 6

No Need to Thank Me

Blazer - H&M, Top - Romeo & Juliet Couture, Jeans - Gap, Heels - Mia, Puppy - Boss

Just so you know, I meant for the quality of the pictures to be bad.  It's part of the vintage feel.  It took many hours for me to get that old time look just right.  But, I'd do it for you, that's how dedicated I am.  By many hours I mean I waited until the last possible second to go outside and take pictures and then instead of standing still and posing I played with the puppies and whined about how chilly and hungry I was.  You're welcome.

Monday, April 4


Cardigan - Planet Funk, Top & Pants - Old Navy, Belt - Forever21,  Flats - Payless (mom's)

I've got nothing.  The page has been blank for about 30 min.  Well, I did write "these pants make me feel like a lady" about 50 times.  I also deleted that same sentence 49 times.  My backspace key is starting to ache though, so I will let that one slide.