Thursday, July 26

Training Class

Dress - Ruche, Jacket - American Eagle, Shoes - Payless, Clutch & Bracelet - thrifted

Fender and I had our second puppy class tonight. It went...well let's just say I'm glad I'm home. No it wasn't that bad, just stressful. Fender is terrified of the big dogs in class so he stays hidden underneath my chair for about 70% of the lesson while I try to bride him out with treats. And then when that doesn't work I spend class bent over petting him. Honestly though we both have learned quite a lot and the trainer is amazing! He is our own dog whisperer. Anyways, we were at class and we were practicing out in the store when this man walks by us with his bird. On his finger. Fender and I both just stared, and then I went back to pleading with Fender to at least cooperate when the trainer walks by. No go on that one.

Monday, July 23


Dress - H&M, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Ruche

This dress is a pain to get on and is pretty much impossible to button up with out a little *help. Usually this would put me off a dress but after the fitting room attendant helped me zip the back she looked at the dress and told me it made me "look like a cupcake." Well that was it, I had to have it. I'm not sure she meant it as a good thing, but I took it as such. There are few things in life I try to emulate, a cupcake is one of them.

* Thank you mom for buttoning and unbuttoning my dress countless times as I tried on new dresses that sadly didn't make me look like a baked good.

Thursday, July 19


- an obsession
- fender's summer do
- pinterest crafts
- besties
- mustache
- camels
- the zoo
- my best picture ever!
- ibunny
- dorks

Wednesday, July 4


Hat & Shorts - Forever21, T - Old Navy, Sandals - Target, Sunglasses - Francesca's

Today we enjoyed a relaxing 4th. A quick workout, a bit of shopping, a super sweaty walk and a delicious bbq dinner. I also got sparklers for tonight! And I got carded when buying them. Of course I couldn't find my id anywhere and tried just flashing my car keys and engagement ring but she wouldn't budge. I finally found it after dumping the entire contents of my purse out on the scanner...these sparklers better be fun, like 16 years worth of fun.