Tuesday, March 15

Sleeping In

Blazer & Skirt - H&M, Top - American Eagle, Belt - Forever21, Tights & Boots - Target

When I got to work, I looked down at my outfit and thought, did I even look in a mirror this morning.  Who knows, my mornings go by in a rush.  That's what happens when you spend every last possible minute (+15 more) snuggled up in bed.  You know that conversation you have with yourself, where the sleepy you convinces rational you that you in fact can shower, make your lunch and get ready in 20 minutes no problem.  Rational me never learns, in fact I don't think she evens bothers waking up for the convo anymore.  She picks her battles, that's how you keep a healthy relationship, even if it is with yourself.

Oh and can you believe I got these boots for $8!  Actually I only paid $3, because my mom is awesome and gave me a $5 gift card.  Isn't Target the best.  Moms aren't too shabby either.

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  1. I love your blazer! Where did you get it?


    (I'm following now!)


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