Monday, November 29

Fairy tales and Ruby Slippers

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who were madly in love but disagreed on all things fashion.  One day they went shopping and a ruby glint caught their eye.  The girl scoffed at the cords saying they weren't her style while the boy thought they were pretty and told her to try them on for awhile.  The girl slipped them on and fell head over heels and the boy found out they were a total steal!  They finally agreed on something pretty for her to wear and now have a sense of style they can share.

My story book writing is a bit sad, but my shopping skills are still on par.  All things red are pulling me in and grabbing my attention right from the get go.  What better way to shove my holiday spirit right in everyone else's face.  And who can resist pants that create such a story, a red bow to make you feel like a present, and ruby slippers to take you to The Land of Oz?  Not I.

Be Jeweled

I love statement necklaces all year round, but during the holiday season I love them even more.  They act as festive decoration, garland and bulbs aren't just for the tree anymore.  The only downside to big baubles (besides the sore neck at the end of the day, i was always warned beauty is pain) is a big price tag to match.  Luckily I shop research well and have found great steals and deals, so you can indulge yourself without breaking the Christmas bank.

1. Three Layered Necklace with Beads, $6.80 Forever 21
2. Braided Chain and Rhinestone Necklace, $10.80 Forever 21
3. Brown Crystal & Gold Chain Necklace, $10.50 Charlotte Russe
4. Crystalline Rhinestone Necklace, $6.80 Forever 21
5. UO Rhinestone Mesh Necklace, $34
6. Following Blush Necklace, $19.95 Anthropologie
7. Mary Katherine Necklace, $19.95 Anthropologie
8. Marni Beaded Neck-piece, $30 Nasty Gal

Tuesday, November 23

Wizarding Wear

I am a Harry Potter fan.  This is a huge understatement.  So, of course I have seen the movie, (twice so far) read countless reviews, engaged in my own discussions on Potter blogs (yes, I am a nerd) and have fawned over Emma Watson's London premiere dress.  Who would have thought Potter and Lace make such a great team.  The lace bodice is gorgeous and reminds me of a top I just bought, SCORE! and the feathered bottom is a playful touch.  It was just about love at first sight for me and this dress, and then she turned around and I knew it was true.  I am a sucker for bare back dresses, your skin can serve as your best accessory and it's often overlooked.  I can't wait to find something similar!

Sunday, November 21

Help Wanted

I have a gift card to Nasty Gal and cannot for the life of me pick something!  Gift cards are so difficult, way more difficult than real money.  There is just so much pressure to pick the best thing possible.  Do I get one big purchase or a few smaller ones?  What's a girl to do?  Ask her fellow bloggers and readers of course, that one was easy.  So, if you wouldn't mind I would love to hear what you would get.  These chiffon harem pants are topping my list.

Blog Sweet Blog

Marks & Spencer
I am back from vacation, but wishing I was still there.  The trip was amazing, the best by far.  I was in great company (my mom) and Ireland was everything I could have imagined and way more.  The shopping in Dublin was a girl's dream come true and the country side was so pretty it was difficult to look away.  I did as much shopping as a traveler could, not one other item could have been squished into my suitcases.  And more good news, I will be able to show all of you what I bought!  That's right the camera situation is FIXED!  My boyfriend worked his magic and made everything work again, sans camera cord.  It turns out there is a chip in my camera and all I had to do was put it right into the designated spot on my laptop, who would have thought?  I was so excited and had all the intentions to take pictures of my outfit today.  But then we went out to eat and after that I got tired and took a nap, and I think it's safe to assume that none of you want to see pictures of me wrapped up in baggy sweats and oversized, ratty tees.  Baby steps though, atleast I know how to upload pictures now.  I hope you all had a great week, and even though I miss Ireland I'm glad to be back to blogging.

Wednesday, November 10

Gettin' Jiggy With It

Tomorrow I leave for Ireland! so I will be absent for a week.  Today I have been packing and trying to finish up my latest craft, eye masks for the flight.  The internet assured me this was a simple task, rated one on the difficulty scale.  I disagree.  I have now made four eye masks and only one fits, and I had to make numerous corrections on each of the four.  So if any of you have any dolls in need of some sleep, hit me up because my first two attempts would fit them perfectly.  I am determined to get the second one finshed by tonight and since my packing is finished, yes finished, I think I will have the time.  Only one dilemma popped up while packing, a jacket or a coat?  I'm really not even sure which is which, but one is warmer than the other.  This really wouldn't be a problem for others, but me and weather just don't understand each other, apparently you can't put temperatures on the grading scale.  I've decided on the coat (warmest) since we will be doing lots of walking and I really miss wearing the thing.  Now I know every week I say I am going to look for that gosh darn camera cord and then I don't, but this time I am.  Or maybe I'll just buy a new one, either way outfit posts start when I get back.  I am now off to the land of green, beer, and jigs, have fun while I'm gone!

Tuesday, November 9

Deja Vu

This summer I was on the hunt for the perfect evening clutch.  While browsing Bag Borrow or Steal I came across the Judith Leiber Heart N'Soul bag.  After seeing it, I knew there were no other options.  Well, there had to be other options because it cost $2,195! and I do not have that kind of pocket change laying around.  In my depression that followed I scoured the web for inexpensive knock-offs.  I found one for $100, but even that was too steep.  So I gave up, I dragged my boyfriend to store after store looking for something to spark my interest just as the heart clutch had.  While trying on cocktail rings and holding up flashy earrings to my face in a cute little boutique I spotted it, my heart purse!  With excited hands I opened the clasp to see a $60 price tag, it was my fairy tale ending.  I sported my new purchase to two weddings, loaned it out for another, and cannot wait to whip it out this holiday season.  Imagine my surprise when I found the long lost twin of my bag (and the Judith Leiber) online at Forever 21 for $17.80!  So jump on this deal and carry your heart with you wherever you go.

Judith Leiber - Heart N'Soul, $2,195
Sequin Heart Bag, $17.80

Thursday, November 4

Make Me Up

When it comes to makeup I am always a believer that less is more.  Though I think some girls look gorgeous all dolled up, I just can't pull it off.  This being said, there are some products that I seriously couldn't walk out of the house without having slathered on my face.  The must-haves for any minimilistic gal like myself:

Confessions of a Concealaholic
This is honestly my life saver.  The two concealers can be mixed easily to match many skin tones.  They cover up any minor flaws or dark circles you may have rearing their ugly head on your face.  I also am loving the eye bright (pink stuff) for the inner and outer corners of my eyes.  This stuff does for your eyes what coffee does to your grumpy, morning mood.  All in all this kit is a beauty mavens MUST!

This product seems scary, liquid blush?! Who would of thought!  But really it couldn't be simpler.  Three little dots on each cheek and you have a beautiful, natural flush of color.  For night sometimes I amp it up a bit with a few exra dots, then I'm really ready to party.

MAC Fluidline
Now I am against eyeshadow, it's just not for me, but these little pots are gems to be had.  I was intimiadted at first when I got this for it requires a skinny flat brush and a steady hand to put on.  Turns out that these are fairly easy to apply, if you have the right brush.  I recommend the MAC flat brush, it works wonders.  My fav colors are Macroviolet and Dipdown. 

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

I think mascara is the most important.  It's like the frame to a picture, without the frame the picture just doesn't look complete.  Normally I would use any drugstore mascara that's on sale, not anymore.  Now the packaging says "increase lash volume by 424%" ,this is definetly a random number someone pulled out of thin air, but none the less it does increase lash volume quite a bit.

Just Bitten
I already raved about this product in SWAK, but it's just so good that it deserves more.  I have this in Passion and Crave and really want to try out if any of you have let me know!!  It stays on basically all day, with just a few minor touchups.  This really is for people like myself who don't like the feeling of makeup on their face.  I can't stand being all clean and then have my face feel sticky with makeup, and lipgloss is the worse!  It is usualy gluey feeling and sticking to everything and then gets all clumpy on your lips.  This feels like you're wearing nothing, it is amazing.

Wednesday, November 3

Crushing on Velvet

The beginning of November marks the start of the Christmas season.  I would love to start it earlier, but as not to annoy others and rush through my days, I patiently wait.  As we are only three days into November one would think that I couldn't possibly have done much Christmas damage'd be wrong.  I have been rocking out to holiday tunes, compiling lists of books and movies that contain the winter spirit, breaking out the red, green, and jingly jewelry, and smell like the perfect pepermint bon bon.  Others are following in my holiday wake, I have seen half a dozen seasonal commercials and store displays are getting a sprinkling of snow and glitz.  To accompany my festive cheer I need some new pieces that are just as joyous.  At any other time of the year I would shudder at all things velvet, but right now I am seriously crushing!  A velvet blazer to turn up the cheer on an otherwise boring jean and tee emsemble.  Some sparkling knee highs paired with a simple velvet frock.  I'm smitten.  And hey if it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me.
Velvet Stripe Tank, $40
Velvet Dress by RARE, $60
Film Noir Black Velvet Dress, $28

Tulle Fell tha Funk Black Romper, $65
Silk Velvet Skirt, $68
Tall Velvet Legging, $44
In the Know Velvet Black Leggings, $25

Silk Velvet Blazer, $108
Got a Crush on you Skirt, $37.99
Velvet Bustier Dress, $88

Glitter Velvet Playsuit, $108
Velvet and Lace Short, $125