Thursday, March 24

Bite Your Tongue

Blazer - Anne Klein, Tank - Target, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Aldo

I got my hair done this week.  It did not turn out as expected, I am to blame.  Have you ever had your mouth talk without your brain agreeing?  Like your brain had been thinking something all week (darker brown, no bangs, ABSOLUTELY NO BANGS) but then your eyes see a light brown shade and your mouth just blurts out "I think I want that color."  And then mid hair cut your mouth somehow thinks it's appropriate to say "you know what, just cut my bangs straight across."  I am seriously not talking to my mouth anymore.  She is grounded from all things fun, like eating dessert and belting out tunes in the car.  Oops, I already gave in on both.  Ice-cream and the radio are just too good to resist.

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  1. I love the red pants and how they pick up the subtle red in the print.


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