Wednesday, March 2


Cardigan & Skirt - Old Navy, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - H&M, Tights - mom's, Shoes - Mia

I'm done ******!  Insert your own word there, keep it clean though folks, this is a family site.  I am so proud of myself, as cheesy as that sounds.  Working with only a small portion of your closet really shows you how much you already have and how much more you can do with those items.  I feel empowered, almost super hero like.  Wardrobe you will no longer overwhelm me (lie) or cost me valuable time in the morning (another lie).  Okay, okay maybe I'm not perfect at getting dressed now, but I did learn some valuable secrets.  Wanna hear em'?  Well you will just have to wait for my recap.  What a tease.

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  1. Love your post today...I feel like, "Yay, we did it!" It's amazing how much you learn from this. And I absolutely love your owl necklace!


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