Sunday, March 27

That 70's Blog

Top - Target, Sweater - Old Navy, Jeans - Gap

So I heard it's like a blogger rule to own these jeans.  That's why I bought them.  It's more like paying a bill then shopping.  I also think it's a rule to have a Canon Rebel, so I better go out and buy one of those as well.  And maybe that new pair of heels I have been eying.  The bills just never stop coming.


  1. cute! I love your shirt and hair paired with those jeans.

  2. I have no idea how I found your blog, but i'm so glad i did. Lovin it! This outfit is all sorts of amazing. That top and jeans = heaven!!

  3. loving this outfit caiters! you look mega tall, what shoes are you wearing?!

  4. I'm just wearing those Mia heels I always wear. It's the jeans! I love them you should get a pair!

  5. So so so cute. You like 70's perfection with those hot jeans, great shirt and your braid. Very well written with "the bills keep coming in." I had a little laugh, so thanks!


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