Tuesday, October 25

Look Book: Fall

Sweater  - Ruche, Jeans - American Eagle, Necklace - Forever21, Flats - Gap

Comfy sweaters, changing leaves, a playful pup... it's been a pretty good fall.

Wednesday, October 12


Fender obviously knows it's Halloween time, that's why he sleeps like Frankenstein.  He has also been nipping a lot, probably just channeling Dracula.  He obviously didn't get the memo about new sparkly vampires.  And he has a new found love for the toilet paper roll...get it? A mummy.  If he thinks acting like a Halloween monster will keep me from putting a costume on him he has another thing coming.   

Tuesday, October 11


Two of our friends just got married (to each other) and it was the perfect weekend.  We had some us time dancing to all those middle school classics and some much needed time with long lost friends.  Fender also had a blast having the cabin all to himself while we were partying it up.  Weddings may just be his new favorite thing, as long as he doesn't have to wear a tux.

* My dress is from Ireland and necklace from Pier One (not just for home goods anymore)

Monday, October 10


I'm back.  It has been a long and busy month.  So busy that I had no time to get dressed and since I like to keep this blog PG I had to take a little break.  Okay, so that's a lie, I always manage to find time to put clothes on...even this past month.  Some outfits were cute, I feel a re-wear coming on, and some were not so cute (lets just let those outfits die in peace.)  This past month I have taken tons of pictures of everything, not just my clothes, and it made me think that I want to expand this little blog.  I have so much fun picking out my outfits but I also have a lot of fun going on day trips, working on diy projects, playing with the pup and of course eating yummy food.  I also enjoy being on the other side of the camera sometimes, you know like when my hair is bad or I got dressed in the dark, plus my little fam is pretty cute on their own.  So stay tuned for some changes and some not changes (lets face it I still looove getting my picture taken.)  Thanks for sticking with me through it all, here's to the new...ish blog!

We had a vote and the boys said they aren't so fashion curious...hence the name change.  Also their names aren't Cait. I tried to get them to change their names, but they said that wouldn't fly.