Thursday, August 25


Blazer - H&M, Top & Belt - Forever21, Pants & Headband - Target, Shoes - Aldo, Purse & Scarf - vintage

Excuse the lack of pictures, we were in the Trader Joe's parking lot and couldn't think about much else besides delish food and wine and some pretty, fresh flowers.  At least that's all I could think about.  Trader Joe's is my hero.  Pre-made meals that taste homemade along with with yummy, cheap wine...sign me up.  I may even have used their meals to make my own "homemade" meal one day.  Hey as long as everyone is fed and happy I don't consider it a lie.  Don't worry though this outfit is homemade, no cheating here. 

Friday, August 19

On Target

Tank, Skirt, Sandals & Purse - Target, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Vintage

I bought this skirt the other day when I ran to Target to get screws.  I also got 2 more skirts and a pair of pants.  In Target I am like a kid in a candy shop.  Especially if I am by myself.  If I bring company (cough Scott cough) we either skip the clothes all together or I have to whine until I get a few pity minutes.  And it's sad seeing a grown woman gal throw a tantrum in Target cause she needs some new shoes.  So, if we need screws, I'm on it.  Out of paper towels?  No problem.  I will gladly add that trip to Target to the top of my to do list.     

Tuesday, August 16

My Closet

Shirt, Vest & Shoes - H&M, Pants - Gap

This is my closet in better days.  Right now it's an obstacle course to get to the belts.  So as you can guess, I haven't been wearing belts.  Picking up all the piles seems daunting.  Where to start?  And how to keep going once I get bored?  The messy state my closet is in now keeps me in peak physical condition.  A leap over the purses, a cartwheel through the scarves and some little tiptoes through the strewn about hangers.  See there is method to my madness.

Thursday, August 11


Dress & Scarf - American Eagle, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Target, Purse - thrifted

Necklace - Francesca's, Purse & Shoes - Target, Belt - BCBG

Day to Night.  Also short hair to long hair.  You probably didn't think that was possible.

Sunday, August 7


Dress - Forever21, Vest - Free People, Shoes - gift(easysprit), Purse & Scarf - Thirfted, Bracelets - gifts(tiffanys & street vendor)

Before I started writing this blog I would have never mixed patterns.  Especially 2 different florals with a stripe.  I also would cringe at stepping foot inside a thrift store, in my defense they are full of strong odors and a strange array of people.  Now, I prefer a pretty floral over a solid any day and love searching for hidden treasures.  So I would just like to say thank you internet, for letting me live out my full shopping and pattern mixing potential.  I owe you one.

Tuesday, August 2


Sweater - Francesca's, Shirt - Ruche, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Forever21

I finished another 30 for 30!  Actually, I've been done for awhile now, I just hadn't gotten around to taking pictures.  But, finally they are up!  I feel like I am now truly the one in charge of my closet.  The skirts were trying to take over for awhile, but not anymore, they know who's boss.  Hopefully they recognize me with this new do.  Or else those two 30 for 30 were for nothing.