Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a day filled with lots and lots of candy and spooky fun!  Tomorrow I will be hitting up Target in the hopes of finding a glitter skeleton on the discount shelf, so I can have chic-creepy decor all year round.  Happy hauntings!
Senior Year, British Flag

Wednesday, October 27


Halloween is right around the corner and as promised here are some more costume ideas.  My ideas aren't all new and fresh, but the concept is to either use the adorable clothing you already own or to justify buying those new wide leg, stone wash jeans that you just have to have (hippie), sparkled red dress (santa's helper), or little black booties (stylish witch).  Costumes are expensive, ridiculously expensive, especially since you get to wear them one night, maybe two if you're lucky.  But who wants to be the same thing two nights in a row, it's so passe.  Why not take that extra fifty you were going to spend on a sexy nurse costume, and buy something that will not only make a bang on Halloween but can also be a front runner in your wardrobe for months to come.

This costume can be taken in two different directions, one flower or the entire garden.  If you opt for a single stem go for green tights, a dress in the color of your choice and a flowerd headband to match.  If you can't pick just one flower put on all the different florals you have, whether it be skirts, tops, dresses, leggings, jewelry, whatever.  Mix and match prints for a fun, chic look.

3/4 Puff Slv Sweater Dress, $13.80
Super Sheer Pantyhose, $15
Opaque Pantyhose (3-pack), $33
Large Floral Pin, $3.80

Chiffon Rosette Headband, $3.80

Rose Print One Shoulder Dress, $19.80

Pretty Posy Skirt, $16.90
Floral Prairie Top, $19.80
Chiffon Floral Headwrap, $4.80
Mini Floral Print Tights, $6.80 

Who doesn't love a firefly?  I mean I could be president of the bug hating commitee, but I still love seeing fireflies.  Not only are they the coolest bugs, it is also a really simple costume.  Wear all black, if it's a chilly night go for black jeans and a tank (no long sleeves, parties are too hot for that) and if it's balmy try out a black mini or skirt.  Throw on a pair of wings and antenna and for the finishing touch tons of glow bracelets and necklaces, maybe even try to make a belt out of them.  And if you're really dedicated glow paint your nails.
Elastic Waist Jeggings, $21.80
Artorial Black Jumpsuit, $40
Glow Stick Bracelets, 50 for $9.99

Snow White, Sophmore Year
Referee, Junior Year

Monday, October 25

Shame On Me

I have been a horrible blogger the past two weeks and for that I am sorry!  So many things have been going on that I just haven't found the time to dedicate to a new post.  This will change.  I have missed blogging and have been compiling a loooong list of topics that I just can't wait to dive into, so get ready for a week of reading.  During my time away I have achieved quite a lot, like learning how to hem pants on the go with bobby pins, successfully opening a train bathroom door (I was locked in for about five minutes, though it felt like 30), reading the entire Harry Potter Film Wizardry book (a MUST for fans!), scoping out Lauren Conrad's fall line at Kohl's (CUTE), finding the perfect Winter fragrance, and planning my much anticipated trip to Ireland!  I hope the rest of you had successful weeks, and I promise I will be a writing fashionista this week.  I would also like to say thank you to the new (and old) followers and commenters.  It means so much to me that you all take the time to read my postings and share you opinions, so thanks!

Monday, October 18

Day Trip

I will be in Chicago all day tomorrow and have been getting ready and packing today.  Although I don't know if it's really packing if you're only allowed ONE OUTFIT! and have to share a pack with your boyfriend.  I'm bringing my camera along to take some pictures of our journey, so fingers crossed I'll be uploading some of them this week.  Our train leaves tonight (9 hours of reading and Go Fish, YAY!) and then return Tuesday night, so I will be back Wednesday with another Halloween post.  Have a good start to the week and wish me luck in Chicago.

Thursday, October 14

Five Fav

While perusing other blogs I came across a "favorites" questionnaire post.  I decided to come up with my own, and add a fashion twist.  If you come up with more questions or have answers to any of mine add them to the comments.

5 Fav Fictional Characters Style
Becky Bloomwood - Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella
Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother
Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
Lisa Fremont - Rear Window
Nancy Botwin - Weeds

5 Fav Celebrities Style
Nicole Richie
Emma Watson
Rachel Bilson
Clemence Poesy
Alexa Chung

5 Fav Items in my Closet (at the moment)
Miss Sixty leather jacket
Small Town black skinnys
Old Navy heart/peace sweater (pictured in Clothes For The Soul)
Converse navy slip-ons
Target men's plaid button down (linked in Borrowing From Boys)

5 Fav Accessories
Crossbody Bags
Flowered Headbands
Freshly Painted Nails
Fox Tail Purse Chains (pictured in Clothes For The Soul)
Red Lips (SWAK)

5 Things on my Wishlist
Dr. Martens Floral Boot
Velvet Foliage Dress
Long Sleeve Henley Lace Bodysuit
Fairweather Lace Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boot

Remember only a few days left to save at Lulu*s, all the details can be found here.

Wednesday, October 13

Holy Savings

I am constantly window shopping online, part of the blogging research.  From time to time I come across garments or accessories that have an uncanny resemblence to runway dressings.  I get excited, way more excited than is warranted.  Even if I would never wear it I still rejoice feeling like I found a hidden treasure, a gold mine, well a cheaper more reasonable version of a gold mine.  With this top though I was even more excited, because it is the doppelganger of a top I am in LOVE with.  Proenza Schouler's line at fashion week was one of my favorites and I posted a picture of some of the looks in A Splash of Color Here and a Twist of Color There.  Urban's take will do me just fine though.

Kristen Stewart wearing Proenza Schouler

Realitee Tie Dye Sweatshirt, $48

Clothes For The Soul

When it's cold outside I crave comfort food.  Homemade chicken noodle soup with bread and butter, grilled chesse sandwiches , beef stroganoff, lemon chicken with fried rice, and everything else warm and familiar that tastes like home.  I am the same way with clothes.  I like to bundle up in items that I am well acquainted with, long lost friends that reconnect every year.  They make me feel safe from the cutting weather outside and warm my heart and soul simultaneously.  Every year I find new pieces that have a homey feel and have the potential to make my fall/winter season even better.

1. Top Shop Husky Knitted Hat, $24
2. Lulu*s Feel Like a Million Fringe White Sweater, $50
3. Spool No. 72 Navajo Blanket Sweater, $98
4. Purse Keychain Fox Tail, $11.95
5. ModCloth Prancer Sweater, $44.99
6. Top Shop Bear Pom Pom Beanie Hat, $24
7. Top Shop Fur Pom Cable Knit Headband, $24
8. Old Navy Women's Instaria Sweater, $16
9. ModCloth Howl to Stay Warm Hood, $128.99
10. Forever 21 Multi-colorful Knit Mittens, $5.80

Tuesday, October 12


When I was little I always had the best halloween costumes thanks to my mom and dad.  Store bought costumes never satisfied them so they would turn up the creativity and whip up an awesome idea, usually about an hour before trick-or-treating or a costume party.  I was Cat in the Hat, Xena, Pebbles, Dorothy, and a Vampiress (pre Twilight) before it was cool and could be purchased at your local Halloween USA.  All of these costumes were made with yards of fabric, palettes of face paint, hidden gems found around the house, and a little elbow grease.  The past few years I have failed miserably in following in my parents imaginative footprints: Barbie, Snow White (a costume for three year olds I found at WalMart on a bargain rack), a referre, and the British Flag (I actually liked that one).  I am in dire need of a stellar costume this year, and I know I share this need with many others.  I will be thinking of creative, jealousy provoking costumes to post here.  Not only will they get you noticed this Halloween, but they will be made up of pieces you either own or can buy now and wear later, any time of the year.  Say goodbye to $70 costumes that are ill fitting and scarily slutty, and say hello to these new ideas.

Hearts, red, pink, white, frills, and bows are all under Cupids domain.  Pair a graphic heart tee with a red or pink skirt, add in some lovely accessories, wings, bow and arrow, red lips and nails and you are ready to spread the love this holiday season.  

Rose Heart Striped Oversize Tee, $19.50
Forever 21 Love Loves Love Tee, $15.80
ASOS Oversized Heart Top, $26.96

Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt, $28
Cooperative A-Line Skirt, $38

Underground Red Velvet Dress, $36
Forever 21 Casual Knit Dress, $19.80
Forever 21 Ruched Strapless Dress, $19.80

UO Heart Tights, $14
Haute Wire Headband in Crimson, $13.99
Tights for Every Occasion in Hot Date, $14.99
Forever 21 Love Canvas Bag, $5.80

Zad Archer's Arrow Earrings, $11

Italic Love Double Ring, $15

Ladybug Wings, $9.99
Angel Wings, $9.99
Cupid Bow & Arrow, $6.99

I love glitter, I love sequins, so of course any costume that consists of just that I am all over.  Wear a sparkly dress, any spangled accessories you can get your hands on, glitter makeup and polish and most importantly act like you are the center of the party.

Bianca Bow Dress, $68
Simone Sequin Dress, $82
Forever 21 Sequin Ruffled Dress, $22.80
Rare Sequin Shift Dress, $47.18
Forever 21 Small Sequin Coin Purse, $4.80
Kitson LA Sequined Bow Clutch, $29
Friday Night Fever Bag, $33.99
Mossimo Sequin Ballet Flats, $12.99

Freshman Year

More costume ideas and halloween pictures to come, so be on the look out.


I have many makeup bags filled to the brim with eye shadows, liners, powders, lipsticks, mascaras, you name it's in there.  These bags are filled to the point where zippers become useless, which is very common for all bags and suitcases I own.  With all this makeup you think I would walk out of the house every day dolled up to the nines, this is certainly not the case.  I have a five (two if need be) minute makeup routine in which I only use the essentials; concealer, powder, blush, mascara, and my favorite lipstick.  Since the rest of my look is subtle I like to really play up my lips.  I switch between bright red and pink, and they never let me down.  Once I swipe on the vibrant hue my face instantly lights up and transforms from boring and colorless to fresh and fun.  The main players are Revlon's Strawberry Suede matte lipstick and their Just Bitten lip stain in Passion.  If you don't like wearing lipstick, it is something you have to get use to, I definetly recommend trying lip stain.  It stays on almost all day and it doesn't come off on your straw, napkin, boyfriend, etc.

Monday, October 11

Cold Shoulder

I love a top that shows off my shoulders, the baggier the better.  They're sexy without being too revealing.  They're comfy without looking unkempt.  They're the perfect peekaboo your skin is craving.  These tops have become a staple in my wardrobe and are my go to pick when I'm in a crunch.  My shoulders are loving the fresh air and keep wanting more.  During the chiller months when jackets are a necessity a bare shoulder is the perfect hidden accessory to showoff.  Create your own shoulder-bearing tees by purchasing tops in a size or two larger and wearing them slung low on one side.  So grit your teeth, arm yourself with a hot coco and let your shoulders bask in sunlight. 

Striped Off-Shoulder, $24.90
Victoria's Secret Off-The-Shoulder Tunic, $19.50
Cozy Off-Shoulder Dolman Tunic, $32.90
ASOS Floral Print One Shoulder Top, $18.54

Paisley One Shoulder Chiffon Top, $22.80
Free People Light Blue Floral Stripe Cotton Drop Shoulder Top, $42.99
Truly Madly Deeply Conversational Pullover, $32

Tuesday, October 5

Hairy Situation

Since it is so windy outside I can't stand wearing my hair down and have it blowing in my eyes and getting stuck in my lipgloss.  I also have a tendancy to get ready at the last possible second and don't have the time to blowdry and straighten/curl my locks.  To solve these dilemmas I have some go-to-do's that look super chic and are super quick and easy.  The three magic words: braids, headbands, ponytails.

Braiding back your bangs keeps the shorts hairs out of your face and shows off your eyes.  No need to strain your fingers trying to twist out a french braid a regular braid will look just as good.  Braids also add some texture and appeal to the classic ponytail or bun.  A few wispy strands add to the look.

I love the hippie style headband, though prefer to wear them right at the edge of my hairline (not mid forehead).  There is nothing easier then throwing on a headband and they add just the right amount of glamour to your look.  For a real low maintenance do, slip back a headband and throw the the rest in a ponytail, simple beauty.  Urban Outfitters has beautiful hair jewelry.

Ponytails are easy, practical and pretty.  Whether you like them high, to the side, super sleek, or adorned with headbands they always look chic.  Head outside confidently, knowing they your hair looks great and it won't be bothering you for a different style half way through your day.