Saturday, February 19


Coat - BB Dakota, Top - Old Navy, Jeans - American Eagle, Shoes - Aldo, Purse - Target, Scarf - thrifted

Most girls try to channel Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O or Coco Chanel, but me,  I go for Minnie Mouse.  I mean come on that gal's got in going on.  Dotted mini dresses and big, fluffy bows, no wonder Mickey fell for her.  Last night I went out with 3 of my favorite people for some good eats, drinks and live music.  I have been jonesing  for some field trip pictures, and I finally got some.  I also got some creepy smiles from a man at a table next door.  Hey, it comes with the territory.  So you're probably wondering who that pretty girl sitting next to me is, aren't you?  You're definitely wondering now.  See how I did that, I just controlled your mind.  Okay, okay I'll tell you, she is my bestie, Caitlyn.  You may have read about her here, but now you get to meet her!  You have just been meeting everyone in my life this week.  Caitlyn, my cat...okay so not everyone but close enough.

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