Wednesday, February 23

Times are Changing

Cardigan - Old Navy, Tank - Forever21, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Mia, Tights - Charlotte Russe, Ring - Betsey Johnson

Only one week left, then my whole closet is fair game.  I haven't really started to miss my other clothes yet, is that bad?  To be completely honest, I haven't even thought about them (much).  I am almost nervous to go back.  What if they're mad and decide not to play friendly with the favored 30 or have been on hiatus for so long that they forgot how to do their job?  Maybe I will put them on a warm-up schedule, a little mixing and matching while I'm at work.  They better start figuring something out cause times a tickin' folks, times a tickin'.


  1. i smiled so big when i saw the MONKEY RING! good choice!

  2. Love the monkey ring! And the purple tights. I think when this remix ends, I will gradually add things in...I think I like not having a jam packed closet!

  3. Oh my goodness, this hits too close to home, taste-wise. I need to play in your closet, stat.


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