Sunday, February 27

Be Weary

Cardigan - Old Navy, Tank - Forever21, Jeans - American Eagle, Flats - Gap, Belt - H&M(came with skirt)

Remember like a week ago when I said I was over jeans?  Yea, don't believe everything I say.  Be skeptical.  You should also be skeptical of Olive Garden commercials.  It seems as if they have a countless number of options each more mouthwatering than the next, that you dine on while in a rustic, Tuscan villa.  Umm, yea, I'm going to have to disagree.  I don't know, did we go to the wrong Olive Garden?  Loading up on salty, garlic bread sticks does have it's perks though and washing it all down with an Andes mint, that's my kind of end to a meal.  And of course stopping for a two-scoop ice cream on the way home.


  1. I love the mix of the polka dots and the pink cardigan! Very cute.

    And as an Italian-American, I am personally offended by Olive Garden. That is NOT quality Italian food, and I would never subject my family and friends to eating there, unless I wanted to ruin their evening. You're better off making pasta at home!

  2. Lovely look. I adore this cardigan. It is very cute with this look!

  3. If Emma Pillsbury were ever caught in jeans, this is what she'd wear on top. In other words, you look lovely.


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