Sunday, February 27


Chambray Top, Jeans & Belt - American Eagle, Tank - Forever21, Socks - Target, Shoes - M

Hello my name is Caitlin and I have sucky internet.  This is why I have been MIA the past few days.  Anywho, on Friday when I wore this outfit I had a plan, a really good one, but it didn't work.  I thought that if I wore my hair in pigtails someone may mistake me for a child and send me home, because children don't work.  It was an awesome plan, I don't know where I went wrong.  It's even more disappointing because it was a difficult plan to execute, is it just me or is it like super hard to braid hair.  I mean the first braid goes down smoothly but then somehow it communicates to the other one to put up a fight.  There is always that little tuft of hair that pokes out of the braid and those wisps in the back that won't stretch to either pigtail.  I guess I understand because crimps must be like hair's version of a cramp.  And that must not feel good.

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