Thursday, February 24


Top & Skirt - H&M, Scarf - mom's, Belt - thrifted, Tights - Old Navy, Shoes - Aldo

So I finally am in the process of doing laundry.  It's a miracle.  Well maybe not, I have hit a few speed bumps on the way.  How, you may ask?  Laundry isn't hard, in fact it is sort of a mindless chore, as in you do not need to think at all.  Yet still I have had 2 hiccups in my attempts to get clean.  My whites suffered an extra long time in the washer because somebody didn't close the lid after putting the soap in.  They stayed like this all night.  I feel even worse for my darks.  They are getting swished around as we speak, with a spider.  Yes, a spider crawled into the washer and I couldn't get it out.  Let me clarify, me not being able to get it out means my screaming achieved nothing, shocking.  *"Isn't that just kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic?"

*Silver Lining, thinking of that quote made me laugh.  I guess everything really does happen for a reason.
**Quoting Rachel from Friends


  1. Screaming never works for me either...strange. I like what you did with the scarf. Enjoyed your post!

  2. Love the mixed patterns of the belt and skirt! I kind of hate doing laundry, too. Well, I hate the second half of the process.


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