Tuesday, February 22

A Girl of Many Trades

Top & Skirt - Old Navy, Tights - Target, Flats - Gap, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Necklaces - Forever21 & Juicy Couture

I really don't consider myself to be quite handy.  I don't think there is anyone out there who thinks "Gosh I wish Caity was here" when they're in a jam.  Unless they are playing Harry Potter trivia, in which case I would become incredibly useful.  Most of the time when I am having some difficulties (usually technical difficulties) I text the boy and tell him when he's over next he has some work to do.  That fancy blog title font, all him, hooking up my Super Nintendo (Donkey Champ here) and DVD player, him again.  He even is more efficient at scraping the ice off my car window.  Wanna know something that stumps him though, that I happen to excel at?  Putting my hair in a ponytail!  That's right ladies and gentlemen I can wrap an elastic band around my own hair like it's nobody's business. Point and match.


  1. cute outfit, i like the blue and pink combo!

  2. This outfit is seriously covetable. Ergo, I want it.


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