Tuesday, April 12

Days and Days

Jacket - American Eagle, Top - Forever21, Skirt & Wedges - Target

I have a confession.  When I first put on my maxi skirt, I didn't take it off for over 24 hours.  Yes, I slept in it.  I may even have woke up that morning and just rolled with it, aka wore it for another 12.  I am all for clothing that looks real but feels like pajamas.  And, the not having to shave your legs every. single. day. is a definite plus. 

Check out EBEW for other stylish gals take on the maxi.


  1. great outfit!

    would you like to share your post (this one looks perfect) to my "floral" themed contest?
    i'm picking three readers :)


  2. Just found you via EBEW, and love your take on the maxi!You look both comfortable and stylish-- not an easy combination.

  3. Ha! I need to get a maxi/pajama skirt. I love the idea of that. You look lovely and put together even as you tell us how comfy, cozy you are.

  4. I made the same comment about maxi dresses in my post! It is just like wearing pjs! Your yellow wedges are really cute!

  5. I am in love with your shoes!!!! Sometimes I feel like sleeping in my maxi's too. They are jut so dang amazing.

  6. I love your maxi skirt and how you paired it with the floral top and jean jacket. I have those yellow wedges! I can't wait to wear them. It just hasn't been warm enough to wear them.

  7. Those yellow shoes make me so happy!


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