Wednesday, April 20

Extra Knowledge

Sweater & Skirt - Old Navy, Tank - H&M, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Tights - The Limited, Flats - Target, Necklace - American Eagle

Some tips on expanding your wardrobe:
1. Wear your dresses as skirts or tops
2. "Borrow" your boyfriends clothes (as long as you cross your fingers while saying you will return it, it doesn't count as a lie)
3. Look in your trunk, you may just have some extra shoes hanging out in there.  I found 19.  Yes, that is 8.5 pairs.
4. Hit up your best friends, that's what friends are for.  Plus don't your friends clothes always look newer and shinier than your own?  The grass is always greener.
5. Go shopping!

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  1. Love the tips, and your adorable beaded cardigan!


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