Monday, November 29

Fairy tales and Ruby Slippers

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who were madly in love but disagreed on all things fashion.  One day they went shopping and a ruby glint caught their eye.  The girl scoffed at the cords saying they weren't her style while the boy thought they were pretty and told her to try them on for awhile.  The girl slipped them on and fell head over heels and the boy found out they were a total steal!  They finally agreed on something pretty for her to wear and now have a sense of style they can share.

My story book writing is a bit sad, but my shopping skills are still on par.  All things red are pulling me in and grabbing my attention right from the get go.  What better way to shove my holiday spirit right in everyone else's face.  And who can resist pants that create such a story, a red bow to make you feel like a present, and ruby slippers to take you to The Land of Oz?  Not I.


  1. That story is sooo cute! A red bow for Christmas, how perfect!

    Burn the Blonde

  2. is the story a real story?


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