Wednesday, November 10

Gettin' Jiggy With It

Tomorrow I leave for Ireland! so I will be absent for a week.  Today I have been packing and trying to finish up my latest craft, eye masks for the flight.  The internet assured me this was a simple task, rated one on the difficulty scale.  I disagree.  I have now made four eye masks and only one fits, and I had to make numerous corrections on each of the four.  So if any of you have any dolls in need of some sleep, hit me up because my first two attempts would fit them perfectly.  I am determined to get the second one finshed by tonight and since my packing is finished, yes finished, I think I will have the time.  Only one dilemma popped up while packing, a jacket or a coat?  I'm really not even sure which is which, but one is warmer than the other.  This really wouldn't be a problem for others, but me and weather just don't understand each other, apparently you can't put temperatures on the grading scale.  I've decided on the coat (warmest) since we will be doing lots of walking and I really miss wearing the thing.  Now I know every week I say I am going to look for that gosh darn camera cord and then I don't, but this time I am.  Or maybe I'll just buy a new one, either way outfit posts start when I get back.  I am now off to the land of green, beer, and jigs, have fun while I'm gone!


  1. I went to Ireland for the first time in July- you're gonna have an amazing time! Don't forget your umbrella!

  2. I love Ireland! It is my biggest dream to visit it once... ♥


  3. ireland sounds like good fun! enjoy your time over there (:

    feel free to checkout the giveaway on my blog (:

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip!

    Just came across your blog!



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