Wednesday, November 3

Crushing on Velvet

The beginning of November marks the start of the Christmas season.  I would love to start it earlier, but as not to annoy others and rush through my days, I patiently wait.  As we are only three days into November one would think that I couldn't possibly have done much Christmas damage'd be wrong.  I have been rocking out to holiday tunes, compiling lists of books and movies that contain the winter spirit, breaking out the red, green, and jingly jewelry, and smell like the perfect pepermint bon bon.  Others are following in my holiday wake, I have seen half a dozen seasonal commercials and store displays are getting a sprinkling of snow and glitz.  To accompany my festive cheer I need some new pieces that are just as joyous.  At any other time of the year I would shudder at all things velvet, but right now I am seriously crushing!  A velvet blazer to turn up the cheer on an otherwise boring jean and tee emsemble.  Some sparkling knee highs paired with a simple velvet frock.  I'm smitten.  And hey if it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me.
Velvet Stripe Tank, $40
Velvet Dress by RARE, $60
Film Noir Black Velvet Dress, $28

Tulle Fell tha Funk Black Romper, $65
Silk Velvet Skirt, $68
Tall Velvet Legging, $44
In the Know Velvet Black Leggings, $25

Silk Velvet Blazer, $108
Got a Crush on you Skirt, $37.99
Velvet Bustier Dress, $88

Glitter Velvet Playsuit, $108
Velvet and Lace Short, $125


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