Sunday, November 21

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I am back from vacation, but wishing I was still there.  The trip was amazing, the best by far.  I was in great company (my mom) and Ireland was everything I could have imagined and way more.  The shopping in Dublin was a girl's dream come true and the country side was so pretty it was difficult to look away.  I did as much shopping as a traveler could, not one other item could have been squished into my suitcases.  And more good news, I will be able to show all of you what I bought!  That's right the camera situation is FIXED!  My boyfriend worked his magic and made everything work again, sans camera cord.  It turns out there is a chip in my camera and all I had to do was put it right into the designated spot on my laptop, who would have thought?  I was so excited and had all the intentions to take pictures of my outfit today.  But then we went out to eat and after that I got tired and took a nap, and I think it's safe to assume that none of you want to see pictures of me wrapped up in baggy sweats and oversized, ratty tees.  Baby steps though, atleast I know how to upload pictures now.  I hope you all had a great week, and even though I miss Ireland I'm glad to be back to blogging.

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  1. that picture makes me miss ireland so much!! i cant wait to see the rest caiters! so glad your home tho!


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