Thursday, November 4

Make Me Up

When it comes to makeup I am always a believer that less is more.  Though I think some girls look gorgeous all dolled up, I just can't pull it off.  This being said, there are some products that I seriously couldn't walk out of the house without having slathered on my face.  The must-haves for any minimilistic gal like myself:

Confessions of a Concealaholic
This is honestly my life saver.  The two concealers can be mixed easily to match many skin tones.  They cover up any minor flaws or dark circles you may have rearing their ugly head on your face.  I also am loving the eye bright (pink stuff) for the inner and outer corners of my eyes.  This stuff does for your eyes what coffee does to your grumpy, morning mood.  All in all this kit is a beauty mavens MUST!

This product seems scary, liquid blush?! Who would of thought!  But really it couldn't be simpler.  Three little dots on each cheek and you have a beautiful, natural flush of color.  For night sometimes I amp it up a bit with a few exra dots, then I'm really ready to party.

MAC Fluidline
Now I am against eyeshadow, it's just not for me, but these little pots are gems to be had.  I was intimiadted at first when I got this for it requires a skinny flat brush and a steady hand to put on.  Turns out that these are fairly easy to apply, if you have the right brush.  I recommend the MAC flat brush, it works wonders.  My fav colors are Macroviolet and Dipdown. 

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

I think mascara is the most important.  It's like the frame to a picture, without the frame the picture just doesn't look complete.  Normally I would use any drugstore mascara that's on sale, not anymore.  Now the packaging says "increase lash volume by 424%" ,this is definetly a random number someone pulled out of thin air, but none the less it does increase lash volume quite a bit.

Just Bitten
I already raved about this product in SWAK, but it's just so good that it deserves more.  I have this in Passion and Crave and really want to try out if any of you have let me know!!  It stays on basically all day, with just a few minor touchups.  This really is for people like myself who don't like the feeling of makeup on their face.  I can't stand being all clean and then have my face feel sticky with makeup, and lipgloss is the worse!  It is usualy gluey feeling and sticking to everything and then gets all clumpy on your lips.  This feels like you're wearing nothing, it is amazing.


  1. Thanks for sharing. The concealer palette looks amazing, where did you get it from?
    I never imagined using a liquid blush, but it sounds pretty simple to use.

  2. Ohh, such fun makeup!!! I am a Bare Excentuals type gal. But, everything you wrote about---looks like fun. Great Post!

  3. I got Confessions of a Concealaholic at Ulta but they have it at Sephora and any Benefits counter as well. The liquid blush is awesome as well, you should def try it out. I've never tried Bare Escentuals, but heard it's great!

  4. I've been bored with my liquid liner and have been considering using those Mac pots, I think you convinced me lady!


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