Tuesday, November 9

Deja Vu

This summer I was on the hunt for the perfect evening clutch.  While browsing Bag Borrow or Steal I came across the Judith Leiber Heart N'Soul bag.  After seeing it, I knew there were no other options.  Well, there had to be other options because it cost $2,195! and I do not have that kind of pocket change laying around.  In my depression that followed I scoured the web for inexpensive knock-offs.  I found one for $100, but even that was too steep.  So I gave up, I dragged my boyfriend to store after store looking for something to spark my interest just as the heart clutch had.  While trying on cocktail rings and holding up flashy earrings to my face in a cute little boutique I spotted it, my heart purse!  With excited hands I opened the clasp to see a $60 price tag, it was my fairy tale ending.  I sported my new purchase to two weddings, loaned it out for another, and cannot wait to whip it out this holiday season.  Imagine my surprise when I found the long lost twin of my bag (and the Judith Leiber) online at Forever 21 for $17.80!  So jump on this deal and carry your heart with you wherever you go.

Judith Leiber - Heart N'Soul
http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/, $2,195
Sequin Heart Bag
http://www.forever21.com/, $17.80


  1. I love these heart shaped bags. What a great find though to find this for that price.

  2. There was one very similar a few months back in TOPSHOP! x

  3. LOVE the bag! I purchased it last week for the upcoming holidays! Can't beat the price.


  4. I know! I am thinking of buying it in silver as well just because the price is so good!

  5. So cute. It was meant to be. Such a great find. Enjoy your fabulous evening clutch.


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