Tuesday, October 12


When I was little I always had the best halloween costumes thanks to my mom and dad.  Store bought costumes never satisfied them so they would turn up the creativity and whip up an awesome idea, usually about an hour before trick-or-treating or a costume party.  I was Cat in the Hat, Xena, Pebbles, Dorothy, and a Vampiress (pre Twilight) before it was cool and could be purchased at your local Halloween USA.  All of these costumes were made with yards of fabric, palettes of face paint, hidden gems found around the house, and a little elbow grease.  The past few years I have failed miserably in following in my parents imaginative footprints: Barbie, Snow White (a costume for three year olds I found at WalMart on a bargain rack), a referre, and the British Flag (I actually liked that one).  I am in dire need of a stellar costume this year, and I know I share this need with many others.  I will be thinking of creative, jealousy provoking costumes to post here.  Not only will they get you noticed this Halloween, but they will be made up of pieces you either own or can buy now and wear later, any time of the year.  Say goodbye to $70 costumes that are ill fitting and scarily slutty, and say hello to these new ideas.

Hearts, red, pink, white, frills, and bows are all under Cupids domain.  Pair a graphic heart tee with a red or pink skirt, add in some lovely accessories, wings, bow and arrow, red lips and nails and you are ready to spread the love this holiday season.  

Rose Heart Striped Oversize Tee
http://www.delias.com/, $19.50
Forever 21 Love Loves Love Tee, $15.80
ASOS Oversized Heart Top, $26.96

Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt
http://www.americanapparelstore.com/, $28
Cooperative A-Line Skirt, $38

Underground Red Velvet Dress
http://www.lulus.com/, $36
Forever 21 Casual Knit Dress, $19.80
Forever 21 Ruched Strapless Dress, $19.80

UO Heart Tights
http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/, $14
Haute Wire Headband in Crimson, $13.99
Tights for Every Occasion in Hot Date, $14.99
Forever 21 Love Canvas Bag, $5.80

Zad Archer's Arrow Earrings
http://www.lulus.com/, $11

Italic Love Double Ring, $15

Ladybug Wings
http://www.costumeexpress.com/, $9.99
Angel Wings, $9.99
Cupid Bow & Arrow, $6.99

I love glitter, I love sequins, so of course any costume that consists of just that I am all over.  Wear a sparkly dress, any spangled accessories you can get your hands on, glitter makeup and polish and most importantly act like you are the center of the party.

Bianca Bow Dress
http://www.shopnastygal.com/, $68
Simone Sequin Dress, $82
Forever 21 Sequin Ruffled Dress, $22.80
Rare Sequin Shift Dress
http://www.asos.com/, $47.18
Forever 21 Small Sequin Coin Purse, $4.80
Kitson LA Sequined Bow Clutch, $29
Friday Night Fever Bag
http://www.modcloth.com/, $33.99
Mossimo Sequin Ballet Flats, $12.99

Freshman Year

More costume ideas and halloween pictures to come, so be on the look out.


  1. I used to be a witch or a fairy, something like that as a child. I think a lot of people will dress up as Lady Gaga this year.

  2. I saw SOOO many Lady Gaga costumes, it's crazy.


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