Wednesday, October 13

Clothes For The Soul

When it's cold outside I crave comfort food.  Homemade chicken noodle soup with bread and butter, grilled chesse sandwiches , beef stroganoff, lemon chicken with fried rice, and everything else warm and familiar that tastes like home.  I am the same way with clothes.  I like to bundle up in items that I am well acquainted with, long lost friends that reconnect every year.  They make me feel safe from the cutting weather outside and warm my heart and soul simultaneously.  Every year I find new pieces that have a homey feel and have the potential to make my fall/winter season even better.

1. Top Shop Husky Knitted Hat, $24
2. Lulu*s Feel Like a Million Fringe White Sweater, $50
3. Spool No. 72 Navajo Blanket Sweater, $98
4. Purse Keychain Fox Tail, $11.95
5. ModCloth Prancer Sweater, $44.99
6. Top Shop Bear Pom Pom Beanie Hat, $24
7. Top Shop Fur Pom Cable Knit Headband, $24
8. Old Navy Women's Instaria Sweater, $16
9. ModCloth Howl to Stay Warm Hood, $128.99
10. Forever 21 Multi-colorful Knit Mittens, $5.80

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  1. Great items, I've just been compiling my own list.


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