Wednesday, October 27


Halloween is right around the corner and as promised here are some more costume ideas.  My ideas aren't all new and fresh, but the concept is to either use the adorable clothing you already own or to justify buying those new wide leg, stone wash jeans that you just have to have (hippie), sparkled red dress (santa's helper), or little black booties (stylish witch).  Costumes are expensive, ridiculously expensive, especially since you get to wear them one night, maybe two if you're lucky.  But who wants to be the same thing two nights in a row, it's so passe.  Why not take that extra fifty you were going to spend on a sexy nurse costume, and buy something that will not only make a bang on Halloween but can also be a front runner in your wardrobe for months to come.

This costume can be taken in two different directions, one flower or the entire garden.  If you opt for a single stem go for green tights, a dress in the color of your choice and a flowerd headband to match.  If you can't pick just one flower put on all the different florals you have, whether it be skirts, tops, dresses, leggings, jewelry, whatever.  Mix and match prints for a fun, chic look.

3/4 Puff Slv Sweater Dress, $13.80
Super Sheer Pantyhose, $15
Opaque Pantyhose (3-pack), $33
Large Floral Pin, $3.80

Chiffon Rosette Headband, $3.80

Rose Print One Shoulder Dress, $19.80

Pretty Posy Skirt, $16.90
Floral Prairie Top, $19.80
Chiffon Floral Headwrap, $4.80
Mini Floral Print Tights, $6.80 

Who doesn't love a firefly?  I mean I could be president of the bug hating commitee, but I still love seeing fireflies.  Not only are they the coolest bugs, it is also a really simple costume.  Wear all black, if it's a chilly night go for black jeans and a tank (no long sleeves, parties are too hot for that) and if it's balmy try out a black mini or skirt.  Throw on a pair of wings and antenna and for the finishing touch tons of glow bracelets and necklaces, maybe even try to make a belt out of them.  And if you're really dedicated glow paint your nails.
Elastic Waist Jeggings, $21.80
Artorial Black Jumpsuit, $40
Glow Stick Bracelets, 50 for $9.99

Snow White, Sophmore Year
Referee, Junior Year

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  1. You are so creative. And I love your ideas for Halloween costumes. It is always fun to see something innovative and stylish.


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