Tuesday, October 5

Hairy Situation

Since it is so windy outside I can't stand wearing my hair down and have it blowing in my eyes and getting stuck in my lipgloss.  I also have a tendancy to get ready at the last possible second and don't have the time to blowdry and straighten/curl my locks.  To solve these dilemmas I have some go-to-do's that look super chic and are super quick and easy.  The three magic words: braids, headbands, ponytails.

Braiding back your bangs keeps the shorts hairs out of your face and shows off your eyes.  No need to strain your fingers trying to twist out a french braid a regular braid will look just as good.  Braids also add some texture and appeal to the classic ponytail or bun.  A few wispy strands add to the look.

I love the hippie style headband, though prefer to wear them right at the edge of my hairline (not mid forehead).  There is nothing easier then throwing on a headband and they add just the right amount of glamour to your look.  For a real low maintenance do, slip back a headband and throw the the rest in a ponytail, simple beauty.  Urban Outfitters has beautiful hair jewelry.

Ponytails are easy, practical and pretty.  Whether you like them high, to the side, super sleek, or adorned with headbands they always look chic.  Head outside confidently, knowing they your hair looks great and it won't be bothering you for a different style half way through your day.


  1. I am super loving the milk maid braids...my hair is so long so it is always a fun way to get my hair out of my face!

    bubbs :)


  2. Doing makeup I need to have my hair off my face and I am a fan of the new ponytail and the platting of the fringe area. I would love to able to do proper platting though! It's so cute! ♥



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