Tuesday, October 12


I have many makeup bags filled to the brim with eye shadows, liners, powders, lipsticks, mascaras, you name it's in there.  These bags are filled to the point where zippers become useless, which is very common for all bags and suitcases I own.  With all this makeup you think I would walk out of the house every day dolled up to the nines, this is certainly not the case.  I have a five (two if need be) minute makeup routine in which I only use the essentials; concealer, powder, blush, mascara, and my favorite lipstick.  Since the rest of my look is subtle I like to really play up my lips.  I switch between bright red and pink, and they never let me down.  Once I swipe on the vibrant hue my face instantly lights up and transforms from boring and colorless to fresh and fun.  The main players are Revlon's Strawberry Suede matte lipstick and their Just Bitten lip stain in Passion.  If you don't like wearing lipstick, it is something you have to get use to, I definetly recommend trying lip stain.  It stays on almost all day and it doesn't come off on your straw, napkin, boyfriend, etc.


  1. Red! ♥


  2. Red lips are the best! Thanks!


  3. I love red lips, I haven't tried the lip stain before, sounds amazing.

  4. You should try Revlon's Fig colour. It'll certainly vamp up the festive period. & it actually stays on. Superb.

    I enjoy the eclectic nature of your blog.


  5. I'll have to try the color out, thanks for the tip!


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