Friday, July 29


Top & Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Target, Belt - American Eagle

This is my new favorite outfit.  It's so pink and stripey and perfect for playing croquet in.  I feel like a big ball of cotton candy, or some other sugary, pink sweet.  The shirt is also pretty baggy and this skirt has an elastic waist so that means I can also eat a lot of candy in this outfit.  Hey, you are what you eat, so why not dress to match.


  1. mine too!!! love the stripes on stripes.. :D

  2. BAM this is summer! I love the mix of colors! Funny enough, I just posted an orange and pink outfit today too. It must be the cool new thing if we are both doing it. Also, those shoes are WAY cute! I love Target, but I can't believe that is where they are from, they seem WAY high end. Nice find!

  3. I love all the pink pink pink and stripes stripes stripes!


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