Sunday, July 24


Top - H&M, Pants - Old Navy, Belt - American Eagle, Shoes - Payless

Weekends go by waaay too fast.  I make a to do list every Friday, half with things I already did and the other half with things I won't get to for another two weeks.  I mean who can do at least 2 loads of laundry when there is netflix instant.  And who has time for vacuuming when there is a comfy couch to sit on and some yummy wine slushie in the freezer.  Not I.  Next Friday I think I am going to change up the to do list for the better, and I promise to get it all done.  I will finally get to cross everything off, and I love crossing things off my list.

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  1. I am the same way - weekends are WAY to short and the lists are WAY too long, and there are WAY too many things that I would rather be doing...and usually end up doing.

    Cute outfit, also! I love the ruffle tiers on the shirt! And the shoes are cool for being wedges.



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