Friday, July 15


Tank - Forever21, Shorts - H&M, Sandals - Target, Bracelet & Scarf - thrifted

Last weekend we went to an art fair.  There were so many pretty things that it was hard to not buy everything.  Luckily we are crafty with the camera and snapped some shots of cute ideas so we can DIY it up at home.  There was also fresh shaken lemonade, which makes me weak in the knees.  And a make your own sand candle station where I made an ugly candle that smells surprisingly good.  It was the perfect summer day. 


  1. Looks like a blast! And I love how you wore your scarf as a belt!

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  2. This outfit is adorable! The scarf belt is a great touch! We've got loads of art fairs in my town but I don't think any of them have awesome stuff like this!

  3. I really love this look! That bracelet is adorable!


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