Wednesday, July 27


Dress - Ruche, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Forever21, Purse - mom's, Scarf & Bracelet - thrifted, Sunglasses - H&M

We were total daredevils while taking these pictures.  Right when we walked up to the swing set alarms in the school started going off.  I instantly thought we had done it, Scott assured me that wasn't the case.  Even though I know in the back of my mind our swinging didn't break the law, I still feel pretty tough.  That's right I swing and pose for pictures in the sight of danger.


  1. haha nice! This reminds me that I totally used to sneak onto the school playground during the summer when I was a kid. Is it weird that it was summer and I WANTED to be at school? They're playground was better than the rusty swing-set I had in my back yard. On another note, that dress is beautiful! I love the ruffle detail on the sleeves.

  2. Lol. We go up to the school playground all the time in our town. The gates are never locked and pretty much anyone is welcome. It's pretty much our town's version of a park.

    I really like this dress, also. Glad you were willing to take such chances to show it to us!



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