Wednesday, June 22


Cardigan - Forever21, Dress - Francesca's, Shoes - Target, Belt - Urban Outfitters

That's right today's photos were shot with the new camera (eek!) behind a Panera.  I know we are classy.  We get our dessert and beverages and then head out behind the building to photo shoot it up.  What you still eat in the restaurant? That was so last season.

*I don't understand things with buttons and plugs very well and the boyfriend is busy building a bookshelf, but I wrote "figure out why my pictures don't look clear on the blog" at the very top of his to do list.  That's right I bumped give me a mani pedi and take me on shopping spree down a few spots.  The bump is why those aren't happening, at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.



  1. that's a really pretty dress :)
    hey new camera! welcome!

  2. i love the floral dress, it is so cute paired up with those yellow heels!

    check out my fashion blog, and follow?


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