Thursday, June 16

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Cardigan - Francesca's, Tank - H&M, Pants - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless

We spent all night at Best Buy testing out cameras.  And then we finally decided on one.  It's perfect.  It's affordable, takes super clear pictures and has all the extra little features.  Oh and it's out of stock...everywhere.  It will be mine though, even if I have to camp out at Best Buy and wait.  I mean really this is the opportune time to get a new camera,since there is a temporary ban on clothes shopping.  I'm always in a dilemma on whether to buy a new camera (clearer pictures) or more clothes (fresher outfits).  For the blog of course, not me.  See I'm always putting the blogs' needs before my own.

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  1. ban on clothes, so buy a camera.
    i did not think of this and this is my third remix haha. good job there!

    but really, your striped cardi owns me. i heart it.


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