Sunday, June 26

Dinner and a Movie

Cardigan, Tank & Belt - Forever21, Jeans - Gap, Clutch - gifted from g-ma

I have been trying to write this for about two hours now.  And I am still at a lost.  So hows about I just recap my night (in one sentence) and then give you two bonus photos.  Deal? DEAL! (wow, you guys are excited)  We went on a date, I ate ribs...they were messy and delish, we saw Bridesmaids, and I am now seriously contemplating getting my hair cut like Kristen Wiig's, I know this is a mistake, but I will probably do it anyways, and that's all I got.  I know lame, but here are some pictures that are the complete opposite of lame.

Scott is one lucky guy.  And I am one lucky girl, only 18 more days!


  1. you look mega tall in that 4th picture! and i know you're real height haha love those jeans!

  2. you had me at the wide-legged pants then you threw on that top i love! win! :D

  3. Those jeans look so good on you! And your pictures make me really excited for Harry Potter

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  4. your legs are a miiiiiiile long in those pants! love this look--espesh with the sweet polka dotted top. seriously, love this. LOVE.
    -brittney (fellow 30x30 remixer)

  5. I love this look on you with the wideleg pants-ohhhh and polka dots are my weakness!

    I just had date night a couple of weeks ago and we saw Hangover II. Fun stuff!


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