Tuesday, June 21

Risk Management

Jacket - American Eagle, Tank - Forever21, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Payless

I got a new camera! Woo! FYI these are not pictures from that camera.  Somebody didn't get a memory card because she thought she wouldn't need one.  Silly girl.  It's an easy thing to over look, I mean it is so small.  Not to mention I was starving and The Voice was starting in like 20 min, so obviously my mind was else where.  So, if all goes right you should be seeing some clear pictures within the next few months.  It's called risk management, giving myself a little cushion.

1 comment:

  1. heehee. yay for the new camera! and yay for that skirt! it's so pretty. can't wait to see what you take with the new camera.


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