Sunday, June 19

Granny Chic

Cardigan, Ring & Shoes - Forever21, Dress - H&M, Purse - Vintage, Socks - Incognito

Both my grandma and great-grandma loved my purse, claiming it looked like something they use to have.  Which is kinda like the seal of authenticity on my $10 flea market find.  I don't know if they were prepared for my socks though.  To be honest I wasn't quite sure about them when I bought them.  I was just in desperate need for some change (parking meters are killer) and all I had has a fifty.  So these socks saved me.  Miracle socks.


  1. You can add one more person who loves your purse- it's amazing and those socks are pretty adorable (and heroic) too! New follower (and fellow remixer!)

  2. you are the cutest granny then :)
    i love the socks and brogues!


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